Florida man june 7

Florida Man June 7

Florida Man June 7 is exactly why Florida man has become a legend around the world. People are looking for what he has done on their birthday to see what wild things he has been up to. If your birthday falls on June 7, we have some great tales for you.

Florida Man June 7 – Man Vs. Gator

Florida has people who are specifically employed to trap alligators and other wildlife.

People who do these kinds of things have to be crazy. Which is why it is right up Florida Man’s alley.

In today’s case, Florida Man decided to catch a feisty alligator and put it in the back of his truck. The alligator though, decided he didn’t want to go down without a fight and headbutted the trapper.

The headbutt knocked the trapper out and the police, along with another crazy trapper, had to fight the alligator back into the truck.

Would you fight alligators for a living?

Florida Man June 7 – Hiding a Body, Florida Man Style

Florida Man was driving when he struck a pedestrian. Instead of stopping, Florida Man dragged the man’s body behind his car until he reached a local bait shop.

Once at the bait shop, Florida Man hid the body behind the bait shop.

In a pure genius move, he called his roommates to help him push his car home. He told those roommates that he hit a dear. Back at his home, he decided the best way to hide the evidence was by spray painting the damage to the car.

How did they find Florida Man? Well, his roommates weren’t as into hiding the manslaughter as he thought and they called the cops.

Florida Man was promptly arrested after the call.


As you can see, Florida Man didn’t take June 7th off. He rarely takes a day off.

If you want to see some of the other crazy things that Florida Man has done, take a look at our other days in history.

If you would like to know what Florida man was up to on your birthday, leave the date in the comments below.

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