Florida man April 28

Florida Man April 28 – My Kind of Emergency

Florida man April 28 ranges from laughably dumb to outright cruel. These stories show the true weirdness that is Florida man.

If April 28 is your birthday, then keep reading to see how Florida man celebrated.

Florida Man April 28, 2020 – Ice Cream Emergency

Charlotte County, Florida: A Florida man called 911 for his emergency. His Emergency? Police reported that he was out of liquor and ice cream and wanted the police to pick up some for him.

On April 28, 65 –year-old Michael James Gables was in his Punta Gordo apartment when he called 911 for an emergency.

 Deputies immediately responded. When the officers reached his apartment, Gables asked them to buy him liquor and gave them a $20 bill.

Deputies explained that the situation was not an emergency. The officers warned Gables that if he did it again, he would face charges of misusing 911. Gable agreed to it.

The very next day, he couldn’t stop himself from redialing 911. Deputies once again responded immediately. His concern this time was to get ice cream from his fridge as he was too lazy to leave his recliner.

The deputies arrested him and charged the Florida man with misusing 911.

Florida Man April 28, 2018 – Cat Hair Killer

Winter Park, Florida: An angry man in Florida shot his roommate after finding some cat hair on the couch.

58-year-old Florida man pulled out a gun, pointed it toward his roommate, and fired at him.

However, the Florida man was a pretty lousy shot.

According to Orlando Sentinel, the roommate had minor bruises and cuts in his rib cage when Tull jabbed the gun on him.

The Florida man tried to run. Police quickly arrested Tull.

Tull was charged with robbery with a firearm, shooting into a dwelling, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault.

Florida Man April 28, 2020 

Fort Walton Beach, Florida – A heartless Florida man allegedly dragged his dog with his golf cart and almost killed it.

On April 28, a deranged Florida man was seen dragging a German shepherd with his golf cart. Motorists and residents of the area witnessed the gruesome scene. 

The witnesses tried to stop him from doing it, Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

The animal was in poor condition when the police arrived. Police immediately arrested Woodiat as he was trying to grab a leash and return to his home.

The dog died of multiple leg injuries, shortness of breath, and fever-related problems.

“Animal cruelty is never acceptable in civilized societies,” said Melissa Forberg, managing director of PAWS. 

The Park Ranger of the Panhandle Animal Welfare Association took the dog’s body for autopsy and charged Woodiat.

Final Thoughts

Florida man is not 100% cruel, but he is 99% crazy. If you enjoy reading about Florida man, don’t miss my other articles on our favorite fool.

 If you want to know what Florida man was up to on your birthday, leave the date in the comments below.

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