Have you heard about cannabis honey oil but remain unsure of what exactly it is? Learn more about the uses of cannabis honey oil here.

What Is Cannabis Honey Oil?

Cannabis honey oil is made from cannabis but looks like honey. Hence the name. Cannabis honey oil is often referred to as hash oil.

It can be used topically and internally to reap many health benefits. You can even learn how to make hash oil and create your own blend. There are many cannabis oil uses. 

However, this is very potent stuff. If you’re not a chemist or unfamiliar with hash oil you should not try to make this at home. It can be dangerous or deadly.

That being said, the oil itself, when made and used properly, may be useful. We’ll explain exactly what is hash oil and how it can be used in further detail below.

What Is Cannabis Honey Oil?

Cannabis honey oil, or hash oil, is thick “oil” made of ground cannabis and a concentrator. The oil is made by stirring and soaking the buds at a high temperature. There are different extraction methods to make hash oil.

Never, work with butane at home. It is highly flammable and can set an entire home in an explosion. The Ice Method extraction is the safest way.

The end result is a cannabis-concentrated oil with a very sticky and thick consistency. This makes it similar to the color and consistency of honey.

How Is Cannabis Honey Oil Used?

Unlike CBD oils, honey oil does contain high-inducing THC. Some people use honey oil recreationally, while others use it for medical and health reasons. To explore some of the cannabis honey oil uses, continue reading below.

Medical Cannabis

Since honey oil is essentially a concentrate, it is extremely potent. Medical cannabis users can build a tolerance over time. This might happen due to an increased dose or heightened pain levels.

Whatever the reason, a medical user might suffer from tolerance and not reap any more benefits. Cannabis honey oil can resolve that. It delivers a potent cannabis dose with just a small amount of product.  

Pain Relief

Hash oil can trigger a feeling of euphoria. This can have physical, mental, and emotional benefits for the user. Similar to the use of medical marijuana, you can use cannabis oil for pain.

The risks and benefits associated with using cannabis honey oil for pain are similar to that of marijuana. It can provide strong relief for chronic pain sufferers. It can also benefit those with cancer.

On the flip side, honey oil used for pain relief can pose a risk, especially if impure. These impurities when absorbed or inhaled can cause cognitive deficiencies and even cancer.

Should You Give Cannabis Honey Oil A Try?

Cannabis honey oil has a myriad of uses beyond those listed. Cannabis honey oil can be used for anti-inflammatory benefits and more.

Honey oil might be safer than marijuana if using the Ice Method of extraction. This method omits any trace chemicals and is 100% pure cannabis.

If you’re looking to learn more about cannabis, continue reading on our “health” tab. 

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