Are you overwhelmed by all of the different wood furniture options on the market today? Check out this helpful guide to purchasing wood furniture.

A Quick Guide to Buying Wood Furniture

The most expensive chair in history is the “Dragon’s Chair” by Eileen Gray. It was sold at an astounding $27.8 million! You don’t have to dig that deep into your pockets to purchase wood furniture, luckily.

There are plenty of great pieces to choose from for home use, made of a variety of types of wood. But, while your budget doesn’t have to be an issue, it’s still often hard to pick the right furniture for any given occasion or room.

There are a few ways to approach the problem. If you’re keen on finding wood furniture that’ll fit just right, read ahead.

Narrowing Your Search for Wood Furniture

Many people start their search in the wrong places. Browsing the best wood furniture online or at a local store is the wrong way to go. You should begin this journey at home.

You have to keep a few things in mind prior to heading out. Start by selecting the rooms you’re looking to fill. This can help determine the necessary sizes and colors.

Additionally, consider its future uses. If you’re planning on hosting large parties or dinners, you’re better off with durable wood and a larger piece. Aesthetically pleasing night tables, on the other hand, are better off with higher quality wood that might require more maintenance.

People generally start flipping through furniture magazines when they’re interested in filling their bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Each room is different which, in turn, impacts your choices.


The first thing that comes to mind when considering the bedroom is the bed frame. But, because there are so many alternatives, like stainless steel and some plastics, it’s better to take a peek at other furniture beforehand.

Cabinets, night tables, and wardrobes are all common choices. Unless you’re looking to show off, it’s better to opt for harder woods. These would be black cherry, hard maple, black walnut, and oak.

Living Room

Just like the bedroom, the living room is used on a daily basis. Dinners, parties, and activities like studying force your hand, in a way. You’ll have to opt for harder wood here, too.

Walnut, maple, mahogany, and oak table tops are your best bet. These fulfill both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Bathrooms, porcelain, and ceramics are almost synonymous. However, some people love a good cabinet somewhere in the lavatory. Humidity steps in to ruin the fun, though. This greatly limits your options.

You’ll have to settle for plywood and MDF. Ensure that they’re properly sealed and painted, regardless of the fact that they’re quite resistant.

Knock On Wood

Finding the best wood furniture isn’t a matter of luck. It’s time, effort, and assistance that’ll guide you there. Considering it can be quite a hefty investment, it’s worth the extra work.

Take note of what each room needs in terms of size, color, and type of wood. Don’t let humidity in your bathroom destroy a cabinet, for example, and properly seal and paint it beforehand.

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