If you are looking for ways to increase your chances of getting a job, an online bio can help. Here is what to know about how to write a professional bio.

How to Write a Professional Bio: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone wants to see your professional bio before considering hiring you for their business. Even if your career requires you to avoid social media, you’ll need to write a professional bio for your resume sooner or later.

You should avoid posting a selfie or a picture of your lunch when updating your bio. It’s your responsibility to set yourself apart and make the other person say, “Wow! We have to have this person working for us.”

Keep reading if you’ve been looking for professional bio tips to help you write your own.

State Your Current Position and What You Do

Your readers must understand precisely what job title you hold and what industry you’re in. Depending on your space, this can be done using either a brief, concise statement or a more detailed overview.

For example, if you’re a web developer, you can say, ‘I’m a web developer working in the technology sector.’ If you have more space, it will help to go into more detail about what kind of projects and technologies from your previous work history.

Doing this gives you an apparent description of your current job that establishes credibility and shows expertise. Visit US Chamber Foundation and check out Suzanne Clark‘s professional bio for more ideas on creating your own.

Describe Your Values and How They Inform Your Career

It is essential to know what values you want to highlight and how they relate to your career. Those values should represent you and the company you work for. Listing your values gives potential employers and colleagues insight into your work and determination.

It’s essential to think about what drives you and why that’s integral to your work. List your fundamental values and explain how they inform and guide your work. Describe values such as attention to detail, creativity, and problem-solving.

Be brief and honest in your assessment. Ensure each point is relevant to the job/career position you’re aiming for. Avoid cliched language and words, and focus on discussing your strengths, interests, and experiences.

Include at Least One Professional Accomplishment

When writing your professional bio, it is vital to include at least one professional accomplishment. Some achievements can consist of awards, degrees, or certificates you have obtained. This also consists of special projects you have completed or even a list of publications you have authored.

When highlighting your accomplishments, break them into points and provide details. Make sure to give the date and specifics of the achievement.

Additionally, you may want to explain how these accomplishments relate to your industry or your current situation. Show the audience that you have achieved something. Doing so helps to instill confidence in employers, customers, and colleagues.

Furthermore, any professional accomplishments you mention can aid your professional endeavors and build your reputation as a dedicated, experienced, and successful professional.

Learn How to Write a Professional Bio Today

When you write a professional bio, it’s crucial to create an engaging story that makes your readers want to take the next step. Showcase your achievements. List the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done that make you unique. Put the most relevant information about yourself at the beginning and finish with a CTA that motivates the reader to take action.

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