Wondering how to choose from the best slots apps on your smartphone? Click here for a guide on how you can find one that best fits your needs.

How to Choose the Best Slots Apps for Your Gaming Needs: A Rookie’s Guide

43% of smartphone owners download gaming apps on their phones.

Go ahead and count how many games you have on your phone right now – we’ll wait. But while you review, check to see how many of those feel like an IRL gaming experience.

If you couldn’t find one with the excitement of in-person gameplay, we are here to show you how to find the best slots apps to change that. Slot games should bring a casino-like feel, have exciting visuals and storylines, and also offer free gaming. But no two are alike.

Here are the top five considerations to make when finding the best slot app for you.

1. Best Slots Apps with Welcome Bonuses

How to choose a slots app is simple: find the games with welcome bonuses for a first-time player! Many games welcome players to free coins, spins, or additional bonuses if they’re new to the best smartphone slots games.

Use the free games to figure out what style of game you like more before investing money into future play.

2. Free to Play

Playing from the comfort of your home should mean you can save the money of an in-person trip to the casino! Some of the best slot apps are free-to-play, with opportunities to keep the $0 price tag going with bonus roads and additional free coins.

Developers know the trick to happy customers is through freebies. These games will be developed to keep the exciting gameplay going and only offer paid add-on experiences.

3. Great Audio and Visuals

A simple way to identify the best slot apps is via a quick check of the audio and visuals! Playing on your phone already feels different from being surrounded by the in-person hype of the slots. High-quality audio and video help create a more vivid and realistic experience.

Try downloading a few slot games to see which ones you prefer. The developers who spend time with the image and sound quality will be obvious from the first few minutes of gameplay.

The more color and sound, the better to keep you on your toes!

4. Exciting Storylines

There are a handful of best smartphone slots games that include a terrific storyline that keeps the energy high. The story, digital characters, and bonus rounds create suspenseful and dynamic gameplay.

Search for games that highlight more than just a faux slot machine in the screenshots. The best slots games should also share details about the themed content in the description. Try out a slot game where you act as a character or play for a cool, fictional endgame.

Slot apps by Betsoft Gaming provide a great example, with games like Barbary Coast and Lost. The story creates a more engaging play that keeps it from feeling dry.

5. Vegas Style Feel

Some players love to play when the game is exciting and provides a Vegas-like experience. There is nothing that matches the thrill of winning big at a slot machine on the Vegas strip, yet the best slot apps are a close match.

Pay close attention to the app’s descriptions and players’ reviews to find the keywords that mark the game as exciting. People will be vocal about whether the game is a dud or as captivating as pushing the slot handle down.

Find a Slot App You’ll Love

There are thousands of smartphone games you could occupy your time with. Using the five tips above will help you find the best slots apps that make your play worthwhile.

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