Florida man April 14

Florida Man April 14 – Heroin, Ferrari and Hydro Pod

Florida man April 14 brings you 3 stories that could only come out of the sunshine state. Can you imagine putting all these words in one post? Florida man can.

If this is your birthday, you will definitely not be disappointed. Keep reading to find out how Florida man spent your big day.

Florida Man April 14, 2016 – Escaped an Ambulance After Overdosing in Walmart

West Palm Beach, Florida.: A Florida man allegedly shot some Heroin while inside a Walmart bathroom. Next, he overdosed and later escaped from the ambulance while on the way to the hospital.

 Still, he eventually escaped before the ambulance even left the location.

An unconscious man was found in the bathroom of Walmart. Employees suspected that he had been using drugs while inside the establishment. 

Narcan was given to him as first aid when the ambulance arrived. Narcan is a drug to counter the effects of opioid overdose.

A photojournalist from WPEC-TV, Matthew Law, was filming an unrelated story outside the Walmart store on 45th Street in West Palm Beach.

The whole incident was captured on his B-roll. On the tape, you can see that the man was calmly being taken out on a stretcher.

When the paramedics were getting ready to bring him inside the ambulance, he suddenly took off the strap. Next, he ran as fast as possible to escape.

Authorities searched for the man. He was never found or identified.

Florida Man April 14, 2019 – A Man in Ferrari Arrested Over Speeding

Miami, Florida – On April 14, Florida man was arrested for reckless driving. The Florida man was going up to 100 mph. His excuse was, “it’s a Ferrari.”

29-year-old Gabriel Molina was driving his 2016 Ferrari when caught by the deputies driving almost 100 mph. 

When the police tried to stop him by activating their lights and siren, he went even faster and kept going.

Molina was found in a gasoline station. He was parked with a female passenger inside the vehicle.

 Molina denied fleeing from deputies and stated that he didn’t see a police car and didn’t hear any sirens.

He was taken into custody without any incident.

Florida Man April 14, 2016 – Crossing South Florida to Bermuda in A Hydro Pod 

Pompano Beach, Florida – A Florida man made his second attempt to cross from Florida to Bermuda in a plastic bubble.

Reza Baluchi, the Iranian-born endurance athlete, made his first attempt in October 2014 for his aquatic voyage using his “hydro pod.”

For those unfamiliar with a hydro pod, it is a giant plastic bubble that operates much like a hamster wheel.

After almost 70 miles off St. Augustine, he dropped his GPS in the ocean. 

U.S. Coast Guard eventually searched for him and found him disoriented in the middle of the sea.

 “I am excited. I have been two years waiting for this moment. They burst my bubble, and now I put a sign-up, ‘please don’t burst my bubble,” Baluchi stated.

 He has been running 20 miles a day and jumping ropes in a sauna to prepare for this voyage.

The voyage will visit Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Cuba. He has some protein bars, water, and water purifier to go with him to survive the trip.

In front of a crowd in Pompano Beach on April 14, our Florida man started his 2nd attempt. He made it clear to the Coast Guard not to interfere with his journey, “Yes, leave me alone, leave me alone.” 

Final Thoughts

On April 14, Florida man left us with a combination of stories that could only come out of Florida. Florida man stories aren’t always all bad. But they are always a bit crazy.

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