With over 7 billion YouTube views,The KSI net worth may come as no surprise. Come learn about how YouTube was only the begining of his career.

KSI Net Worth: From The Screen to The Ring

With over 7 billion YouTube views, The KSI net worth may come as no surprise to you

KSI is a successful individual. If you don’t know of him, no worries, you will by the end of this article. All those that do, read on to learn a little more about this young entrepreneur. 

KSI is an English YouTuber, rapper, actor, and has even added boxer to his list of talents. He also is a member and co-founder of the Sidemen, a British YouTube group.

He started his internet career by making gaming- commentary videos on the FIFA game series.

Since his popularity as a YouTube poster has grown, his content has diversified.

KSI net worth is estimated at a staggering $20 million dollars. 

In this article, we will delve into his life, career, and finances to see how he has accrued this fortune. 


KSI was born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji on 19 June 1993 in Watford, England.

In 2009 after being inspired by other YouTubers, he uploaded commentary videos on the FIFA video game series from his home in Watford. This was his first time uploading to YouTube. He had no idea how far it would take him.

After 2 years KSI had a following of around 20,000.

Changing to a more vlog-style content and commentating on a greater variety of games saw his subscribers increase rapidly. 3 years after opening his YouTube channel he had gained 1 million subscribers.

By the end of 2013, KSI had 3 million YouTube subscribers.

His success has not come without some controversy. He was criticized for a recurring joke called ‘Rape Face’. He used this joke often throughout 2012-2013. In 2012, at a Eurogamer event, KSI was also accused of verbal and sexual harassment of staff and attendees. This caused Microsoft to cut ties with KSI and Eurogamer, banning him from all future events.

In 2013 KSI signed to Polaris a sub-network of Maker Studios.

Later that year KSI with 6 other YouTubers formed an entertainment collective known as ‘The Sidemen’. Producing online videos of sketches, challenges, and gaming-commentary. They also sell merchandise.

In 2015 KSI launched his musical rap career with his single Lamborghini which garnered 110 million views and charted at no.30 in the UK singles charts.

From YouTube to The Boxing Ring

YouTuber Joe Weller criticized KSI and the Sidemen In 2017. He claimed they were stirring up fake friction between them to gain views. 

After a disagreement on Twitter, it was announced by both that they would be facing each other in a boxing match, in March 2018.

The fight had 1.6 million live views, 21 million in only one day, and over 25 million viewsin just a few more, making it the biggest non-professional boxing fight in history.

The success of the first fight brought a second match. This time against American YouTuber Logan Paul. He would face Logan Paul again in a subsequent rematch. However, the rematch was fought as a professional bout. Some criticized the fight as a cash grab stunt, while others in the boxing profession embraced it and thought this boxing exposure could help the stagnant sport gain a new audience.

On 22nd May 2020 KSI released his debut studio album ‘Dissimulation’.  

Dissimulation debuted at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and charted in another 15 countries. His record also went Silver exceeding UK sales of 60,000 units.

As of 2020, it has been estimated that KSI earns around $15 million a year.

General Info about KSI:

  • Name- Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji 
  • Professional name- KSI (Knowledge, Strength, Integrity) 
  • Date of Birth- 19th June 1993
  • Age- 27
  • Place of Birth- Watford, Hertfordshire, England
  • Nationality- British
  • Height- 6ft (1.83m)
  • Weight- 84kg
  • Girlfriend- Unknown
  • Children- None
  • Hair Colour- Brown
  • Eye Colour- Brown
  • Horoscope- Gemini
  • Net Worth- $20 million

KSI Net Worth Contributors

  • Social Media
  • Ads/Sponsors
  • Music
  • Boxing

Social Media

As of November 2020, KSI has 33million subscribers and has had 7 billion video views across both YouTube channels.

It has been estimated that KSI is making around $2.9 million dollars a year from YouTube.

KSI also has 8 million Instagram followers and almost 6 million followers on Twitter.


KSI doesn’t get paid a salary from YouTube. This means most of his earnings come from advertising revenue and sponsorships.

It’s been reported that KSI can make up to £250,000 in advertising revenue from one video, Pounds, not Dollars. If you want KSI to endorse your product it will set you back around £75,000 per endorsement.

It appears that ads and sponsorships are presently KSI’s cash cow.


Dissimulation KSI’s debut album charted at number 2 in the United Kingdom, selling 27,472 units in its first week, out of which 6,340 came from digital downloads, 19,332 came from streaming-equivalent sales and 1,800 came from CDs that were released mid-week. 

On 31 July 2020, Dissimulation was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for selling more than 60,000 units in the United Kingdom.

Dissimulation also charted in the top 100 in many other European Countries, and also charted in, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S. 

On 4 September 2020, Brian Shafton, SVP of BMG Rights Management, announced that Dissimulation has done over 600 million global streams to date.

Earnings are still unclear, but it seems KSI has made another lucrative revenue stream from entering the music industry.


KSI’s first fight against Logan Paul generated over $11 million from pay-per-view revenue alone and a further live gate of $3.5 million from ticket sales. Some estimates calculated the potential earnings of over $30 million each. However, KSI dismissed these claims, stating that his earnings were “a high amount”, but nowhere near those estimates.

Closing Thoughts on KSI’’s Net Worth

At times, KSI has been a controversial online content provider, which may well have helped him in his early career, but it caused some damage to his sponsorships and possible integrity?

Over the past 8 years KSI has matured, but most fundamentally increased its revenue by diversifying into different areas such as music.

He is the vision of the future moguls of this world, and I’m sure the KSI net worth will only increase in the foreseeable future.

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