Today we are going to take a look at some August 11 Florida Man stories and if today is your birthday, we apologize.

Florida Man August 11 – The Legend Continues

Florida Man August 11, or any of our Florida Men are constantly out there causing problems. This day is no different in that aspect. The only difference is the things that they do. Today we are going to take a look at some August 11 Florida Man stories and if today is your birthday, we apologize.

Florida Man August 11, 2016 – No More Pizza Says The Judge

For August 10th we covered a Florida Man story that talked about a Florida Man that died over his love of pizza. Today we are going to cover another story about Pizza. In this story, we are going to another Florida Man pizza incident.

In this case, Florida Man was making fake orders for pizza to a local pizza joint. He was using not just one phone number but five different phone numbers. In some cases he would use a fake name in others he wouldn’t even provide a name.

The addresses he sent the pizza to were all the wrong addresses. He would sometimes not pay for the pizzas too.

As you guessed, the pizza company did not like having so many “prank” orders. Florida Man was charged with multiple crimes including harassing phone calls, first-degree petty theft, and second-degree petty theft. His bail was set at $5.500.

The judge also ordered that he never order pizza from that pizza joint again. We wonder if he should have been banned from all ordering over the phone.

The Death In A Go-Kart – August 11, 2019

A Florida man went to the Go-Kart track, and that alone should tell you something is about to go down. Along with his friend, Florida Man trespassed onto the gas-powered track.

The two started driving around the gas-powered karts and at first, had fun. But safety is never a consideration for Florida Man, and neither were wearing helmets. The karts also did not have seatbelts of any kind.

Like many, Florida Man was not that good of a driver, especially at high speeds. Florida Man crashed into the side barrier of the track and flew out of the kart. To his death.

All of this was caught on a surveillance camera.

Crotchless Underwear Thief – August 11th, 2019

We rarely have two Florida Man stories from the same day. This story contains crotchless underwear so if the idea of Florida Man with it all hanging out grosses you out, you might want to consider skipping this one.

A Florida Man was caught parading down a street in Florida wearing his birthday suit. He had his bike with him and tried to perform a trade for his bike at a local sex shop.

The first person to report spotting him saw him riding his bike butt-naked down the road. This was before he entered the sex shop. When the Florida Man wasn’t given the ability to swap his bike for crotchless underwear, he took the underwear with him.

We were confused when we read this story. The man was already naked. Why would he want crotchless underwear?

But that also wasn’t where Florida Man stopped. He went to a busier street and walked up and down, showing off the new underwear before he removed it. Once he removed it, he started telling people that he was Michael Jackson.

Florida Man refused to identify himself to law enforcement and is considered “John Smith”. He is facing charges of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Florida Man August 11, 2019 Armed with a Hand Grenade

And yet another story for August 11, 2019. It must have been a busy day for Florida Man. This one is both scary and ridiculous. A traffic stop led to something a little terrifying.

A Florida man was pulled over on August 11th by a collection of narcotics officers. They approached the vehicle cautiously as they usually would. It turns out they should have been a little more cautious when dealing with Florida Man. They asked the standard line, did he have any weapons in the vehicle.

In response to the question, he pulled out an M67 fragmentation grenade. The grenade was older and worn, but he stated that it was live.

The bomb squad was called due to the danger of a grenade from unknown origins. They took the grenade and destroyed it on location safely.

Florida Man found himself in an explosive amount of trouble. He was charged with possession of firearms and ammunition by a convicted felon.

Florida Man August 11, 2019 – Tarzan

Once again we are going back to August 11th, 2019, with a story title that is bound to spark some interest. Florida Man has turned into Florida Tarzan with this little story. But it may not be entirely the Tarzan you are expecting.

Florida Man attempted to be a wildlife advocate with his YouTube and Instagram accounts. On his accounts, you can see him interacting with a wide variety of wildlife, from giraffes to sharks.

During his attempt to be an advocate, Florida Man had some unconventional relationships with the wild animals he encountered. This was all brought to light when he assaulted two men.

Police charged this Florida Man with burglary with assault or battery, felony battery, and misdemeanor battery. The one thing we are surprised about is the fact he wasn’t charged with anything to do with his unique relationships with animals.

Florida Man August 11, 2019 – Teacher Taught a Hard Lesson

Florida Man in this case is a Florida Woman. She was a teacher at Ferry pass Middle School when all of this went down, on August 11th, 2019, but she wasn’t the one teaching the lesson this day. Another story from that day.

Police stopped Florida Woman for having expired tags at a roadblock with anti-ram wedge barriers – Protogetic. During the traffic stop, a whole lot more was discovered. One of the first things they found beside the expired tags, the Florida Woman’s driver’s license was also expired.

Both Florida Woman and her passenger were detained. Police reported that they saw narcotics in plain sight in the vehicle. When the door to the vehicle was opened, even more drugs were found.

With the number of drugs found in the vehicle, Florida Woman found herself facing a lot of charges. This included a variety of narcotics charges and traffic charges. With all of this together, she is up for some major time. In this case, Florida Woman is being taught the lesson.


August 11 was a busy day for Florida Man, especially in 2019. There were far more stories for that day than we think we have ever seen for one day. We hope that your birthday isn’t thrown off by all of the ridiculous things that Florida Man has done.

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