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Florida Man September 9 – Death by Pizza

These Florida man September 9 tales are one for the history books.

The day is indeed historical, especially for America. September 9, 1776, the term “United States” was first created. So, what did Florida Man do on this historic day?

Florida Man September 9, 2020 – Florida Man Arrested for Trafficking 78 Pounds of Meth

BILLINGS, Mont. – A Florida Man had pleaded healthily over the trafficking charge of 78 pounds meth. 

A state trooper initially stopped the Florida man for speeding. The state trooper found 78 pounds of meth in the rented minivan after conducting a vehicle inspection. 

Florida Man Nichols James Imhoff (30) had to face a minimum of 10 years for possession and distribution of meth. 

A Highway Patrol Trooper also arrested the man back in February. A K-9 unit successfully identified and seized about 280,000 meth doses. According to the test, these are 98% pure. 

The amount, at the time, is considered the largest amount of meth they’ve seen in a traffic stop.

Florida Man September 9, 2020 – Florida Man Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend Over His pizza

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. -Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Florida Man for assault

Well, the incident happened at an apartment building located in Port Charlotte. The Florida Man, Sean Metcalf, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend by slapping her with a piece of pizza.

Sean felt angered after she threatened to throw away the pizza box that she thought was empty.

This misunderstanding caused Sean to rage, causing her to throw the box on the ground. Not long after, an officer came and saw what happened.

She told the officer immediately that she had been assaulted with a pizza.

The responding officers noticed sauce and grease all over her face and hair and took Sean into custody immediately. He admitted he was angry but didn’t know how parts of the pizza got all over his girlfriend’s face.

Police arrested the Florida man for domestic charges.

Florida Man September 9, 2020 – Florida Man Arrested He Hit A Girl with A Flagpole

CLAY COUNTY, Fla.: On September 9, Florida man had to face a charge of child abuse due to his wrongdoing. He hit a young girl with a flagpole during a political rally in Orange Park. 

Crystal Ledoux, the mother of the poor 13 years old girl, caught all parts of the incident on camera. She said that the incident happened on Wednesday, just near Freddy’s.

According to her information, they were initially driving into the restaurant. Upon arriving, they noticed a group of people, President Trump Supporters.

She said they waved at the car, saying “Trump 2020”. The mother then said to them, “Biden 2020”, and that’s when she knew; she had made a mistake.

One supporter, the Florida Man, charged at them immediately, assaulting both the mother and daughter with a flagpole.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it’s not okay to be abusive and aggressive towards people; it never is. So, keep your anger down, calm yourself with anything that you like, and don’t forget to be happy.

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