Florida man july 2, If July 2nd is your birthday, today is your lucky day. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things that Florida Man has managed to get up to on July 2nd.

Florida Man July 2

Florida man July 2 is a weird one. One popular trend is checking to see what Florida Man has done on your birthday.

If July 2nd is your birthday, today is your lucky day. In this article, we will look at some of the things that Florida Man has managed to get up to on July 2nd.

Florida Man July 2, 2019 – Sauce Attack

A 30-year-old man from Florida, Jesus Oscar Ferrer Jr., allegedly assaulted his girlfriend on Sunday due to his fury over her purchase of the wrong food from McDonald’s. According to the felony battery complaint, he threw sweet and sour sauce packets at her in the head and face area.

The couple began to struggle and Ferrer pinned her down, pressing her face into the ground with his palm. She retaliated by tearing off part of his beard. By the time the police arrived, he had already left the motel.

He was later taken into custody and put in the Pasco County jail on a charge of felony battery. He was previously charged with a misdemeanor battery incident from an earlier incident at a different motel and was sentenced to time served and a $750 fine.

Florida Man July 2 Spikes the Water

A co-worker accused Florida man, Robert Tyson of spiking her water. She claimed it happened on 2 separate occasions, June 28, and July 2.

The woman stated she recognized a distinct smell in the water. When she looked, she saw a white mucousy substance in the water. She was confident it was semen.

After the incident, she recalled a similar incident that happened a few days before. On July 2, they reviewed CCTV footage and spotted our Florida man tampering with her water.

The woman believes it was all motivated by Tyson’s disproval of her as a manager.

Tyson is now facing charges of poisoning water with the intent to kill or injure.

Florida Man July 2 Strip Club Excitement

Police recently arrested a Florid man after an exciting incident outside of a local strip club.

Instead of shooting something else, a Florida man decided that he was going to shoot his gun at a strip club from inside his vehicle.

When the police arrested the man for the incident, he claimed that he was unaware that he wasn’t allowed to shoot at the strip club from his vehicle.

Florida Man July 2 – A Pirates Life

A Florida man decided that he was going to move on from being just a truck driver and was making his living as a pirate entertainer.

One night he took his costume on a date with two friendly women in an attempt to show off. The man got fully dressed from the pirate clothes to the swords and muskets.

In an attempt to show how cool pirate weapons are, Florida Man fired a shot into a river off a bridge. This wouldn’t have been the biggest problem in the world, especially considering the muskets were only loaded with powder. It was what he did next that was the big problem. 

After firing at the water, he turned his other musket toward the road and fired it into traffic. The drivers, not knowing the shots were only blanks were rightfully terrified. Police quickly arrested the Florida man.

In the police report, Police stated that Florida Man had a very unusual odor. It seems like he took his pirate costume a little too far. 

Strip Searched

On July 2 2004 police arrested a Florida man, David R. Stewart, 38 for an elaborate nationwide phone call hoax.

The hoax entailed Stewart making calls to various fast food restaurants and convincing the manager to strip-search their employees.

The man even managed to convenience one manager to strip search a customer.

Mainly, he was telling the employees to search for drugs and other contraband.

Multiple store managers completed searches of their employees. That includes one store manager who strip-searched his 17-year-old female employee.

While one might think that it should be logical a manager can’t strip search an employee. Authorities are not holding these managers criminally liable. However, there is at least one civil case at this time.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of Florida Man July 2? Did it offer everything you expected from Florida Man tales? We know it entertained us greatly.

If you want more Florida Man tales, take a look at the other days we have covered in history.

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