Florida Man June 14

Florida Man June 14

Florida man June 14 brings us three stories that could only have taken place in, well Florida.

Florida Man is world renowned for his antics. Whether they are in his hometown or they are abroad. Those antics have become so popular that people want to know what Florida Man has done. Today we are going to take a look at what Florida Man has done on June 14th.

Florida Man’s Uber Battle

A Florida man was riding in his Uber when the driver determined that he needed to stop the ride.

Upon stopping the ride, Florida Man became upset. He took his water bottle and hit the driver with it. When the water bottle had no effect he ripped the antenna off the car and started to use that as a weapon.

That didn’t have much effect either and he took a cane from a bystander and started using that as a weapon. Florida Man earned a charge of aggravated assault and a couple of malicious crimes charges.

Florida Man June 14 – Chamber Check

A short but simple one, likely like Florida Man’s life. On June 14 a Florida Man decided that he was going to check the chamber of his gun to make sure it didn’t have a bullet in it.

It sounds like he never took any kind of shooting lessons though. The man checked to see if the gun was loaded by pointing at his head and pulling the trigger. Unfortunately for Florida man, the gun was loaded.

Florida Man June 14 – Another Zombie Atack

If you have read our past stories, you have probably seen the times that we have covered zombie Florida Men, here is another one.

A group of people showed up at their friend’s house to find someone chewing on his face. They called the police and reported the zombie-like person.

Before the police could show up, the zombie took off. Very typical behavior for a zombie.

Florida Man later turned himself in to the police, claiming that he was not sure what happened because it was dark. Apparently, he didn’t realize he was eating another human because it was dark out?


Florida Man has done some interesting things on June 14th, some of them plain stupid. Want to know what else Florida Man has done? Take a look at some of our other articles that cover Florida Man on different days.

If you would like to know how Florida man spent your birthday please leave the date in the comments below.

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