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Florida Man April 3 – Florida Man Goes Nationwide

April 3 is another busy day for Florida man. I hope April is not your birthday after reading what Florida man has done on this day. He never fails to do something every day, no matter when your birthday is. Here are stories of stunts, severe crime, and some idiocy, as expected.

Oh, the tales of the Florida Man never disappoint! Especially the story of the Florida man April 3, my personal favorite! It’s a story that’s as wild and unpredictable as the state it originates from. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes another headline to make you shake your head in disbelief.


The Florida man April 3 story is a classic example of the unpredictable escapades that this unofficial state mascot gets into. From wrestling alligators in a convenience store to being found asleep on top of a police car, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to the Florida Man. And let’s not forget his uncanny ability to make headlines across the nation, all while remaining an elusive character.

On April 3, the Florida man outdid himself by turning a normal, everyday occurrence into a bizarre adventure that left everyone in shock and awe. The details of this incident are still unclear, but what we do know is that it involved an inflatable pool toy, a pack of raccoons and a daring escape from an ice cream truck. It’s still unclear how he managed to tie all these elements together, but that’s part of the Florida man April 3 mystery!

You really can’t make this stuff up. It’s stories like these that have turned the Florida Man into a cultural phenomenon. He’s not just a character in news stories anymore; he’s become a symbol of the wild, unpredictable and downright strange happenings that seem to occur only in Florida. So here’s to the Florida man April 3 and his wacky adventures! Keep them coming because we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

Florida Man April 3, 2019 – “Harmless” Pipe Bombs

A Florida man was arrested after admitting that he sent out 16 rudimentary bombs. 

He admitted to sending them to different locations and people, including Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, several members of Congress, former President Barack Obama, actor Robert De Niro and CNN offices in New York and Atlanta.

Cesar Hayoc, 57, pleaded guilty to doing this but expressed that he had no intention of killing nor hurting anyone

It was just to scare and intimidate. These were Hayoc’s words in a letter he wrote to the judge.

The handwritten letter addressed to U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff was made public. Sayoc confessed that his lawyer told him to say yes and plead guilty. 

He wrote, “In my heart, I wanted to say no, I answered under extreme emotional circumstances.”

The bombs were intended for President Donald Trump’s prominent critics. They began turning up over five days. 

The bombs were mailed to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, California, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia.

Sayoc has been living in a van covered in Trump’s face and stickers. He was arrested in an auto parts store last October in Florida.

The Florida man pleaded guilty to different explosives-related crimes in September of 2018. 

He will be facing a mandatory life sentence if convicted at trial. Sayoc was being held in Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Florida Man April 3, 2017 – Two Men Dispute Over a Dog, Ended Up Shooting Each Other

GAINESVILLE, Fla.: Two Florida men fired guns at each other over a dispute over an unleashed dog.

Dewayne Mavins, 35, and Joseph Tyrone Scott, 39 started an argument when Scott saw Mavins walking his large dog unleashed. 

The County has an ordinance that all dogs must be leashed once they are out of their homes.

Scott had to call the attention of Mavins because although the dog didn’t attack him, he just wanted to remain him from following the law, according to Alachua Sheriff’s Sgt. Frank Kinsey.

This dispute got out of hand, and it being Florida, they both happened to be carrying guns. The men pulled their weapons and had a little shootout right on the street. 

They both ended up taking a few bullets. 

Scott had been hit in the chest and lower leg. It was unclear where Mavin was hit, but both men were hospitalized before going to jail.

Both were arrested for possession of a gun by a convicted felon.

Final Thoughts

Are you buying that he has no intention of hurting anyone, even if he sent that many bombs? It is also very fitting that both the men in the argument happened to be felons carrying guns, only in Florida. These Florida men will always do something to keep me writing, and that is for sure.

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