Want to know what it's like to live in Las Vegas before you move out there? Here's what you can expect, according to the natives.

What It’s Like to Live in Las Vegas, According to Natives

There’s more to Las Vegas than strip clubs, casinos, and all-night parties. With a population of 630,000, Las Vegas is Nevada’s biggest city with a lot to offer its residents.

There are some things to know if you’re considering a move to Sin City. Keep reading to find what you can expect when you live in Las Vegas.

It’s Not All About the Strip

If you’re thinking that Vegas is all about big parties and non-stop entertainment, you may be disappointed. 

The iconic Las Vegas Strip is a four-mile-long corridor full of restaurants, shopping, and hotels. It is what most people think about when they hear “Las Vegas.” The truth is that what’s considered to be The Strip isn’t even a part of Las Vegas. 

Most Vegas locals stay as far away from the tourist trap as possible. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and entertainment options far off the strip (and devoid of annoying tourists).

Unique Weather

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is hot. The Mojave desert is famous for its stifling hot air and surface temperatures. In fact, the official world record for hottest temperature is in Furnace Creek, just a stone’s throw away from Vegas. 

Aside from the hot temperatures, Vegas has a lot to offer in terms of weather. It is an absolute dream for sun bunnies with around 300 days of sunshine per year. 

Another reason to choose Las Vegas living is that there are no natural disasters. While other parts of the country deal with forest fires, hurricanes, and tornados, you’ll be safe and cozy at home. There are no huge earthquakes or blizzards to disrupt your life. 

Endless Activities

If you’re bold enough to brave The Strip, there are an infinite number of entertainment options. If you avoid that area like most locals, however, you’ll still find a plethora of activities in the area.

Do you consider yourself a bit of a night owl? Since a lot of the population works during off-hours, many places stay open late (or all night) to cater to them. You’ll also find bars and dance clubs that stay open far past sun-up, too.

If you’re not a party animal, you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities. Hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping are popular options for outdoor adventurers.

Great Neighborhoods

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Las Vegas is only an appropriate home for adults. There are many family-friendly neighborhoods for people with children of all ages. 

Summerlin is one of the best communities in the state and the entire country. Henderson is its own city just outside of Vegas but it’s worth considering anyway. It has a very low poverty rate and crime rate, making it a perfect pick for families.

Though Las Vegas housing prices are up and the market is hot, it’s still worth considering. If you’re on the hunt for the best Las Vegas real state, check out https://www.lasvegashomesbyleslie.com/

So, Should You Live in Las Vegas?

There are a lot of reasons you might choose to live in Las Vegas. Now that you know a bit more about the city, you can make a more informed choice. 

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