Are you children getting ready to start the sports season early? Here's the brief and only youth sports essentials checklist you'll ever need to succeed.

The Brief and Only Youth Sports Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Imagine your daughter or son just joined the soccer team. They get to their first game with you in tow, running ahead to join their teammates. As you start to get set up on the sidelines, you see them running back to you flustered. “Do you know where my jersey went?”

Not only is this frustrating for your child, but it also means that you weren’t prepared either! Are you trying to figure out what goes in a kid’s sports bag? When your child is in youth sports, there is typically at least some gear that they’ll need to cart around n matter what types of sports they enjoy.

Keep reading as we explore some of the basics that are sport bag essentials!

Sports Equipment

Clearly, you’ll need to bring the equipment that your child will need to actually play the game. For a soccer game, this might be a pair of cleats, a jersey, and knee pads. For a volleyball player, you might need shorts, shoes, headbands, and team outfits.

Talk to your child about what they will need for their sport. If they aren’t sure, you can always contact the coach directly to see what they want the kids to bring to each game.

Water Bottles

Water is absolutely an essential whether you’re playing professional sports or amateur sports because everyone needs water to stay healthy while getting in a workout. If your child is playing sports, they need hydration to make sure they can keep up and don’t get sick in the game.

Try to find refillable water bottles that are easy to pack away so that you can fill them again and again.

First Aid Kit

When your child gets a scrape or a cut while they play their favorite game, you need to be ready with a bandage or ice pack. While some coaches are smart enough to bring these things to games, you still want to have it just in case someone needs some help so that they can keep playing.

Blankets and Activities

You might find that your child’s sport is played outdoors during a colder month, so you’ll need to keep warm. This is one of those things that you’ll want as the supportive parent watching your child play the game so that you’re comfortable if the temperature drops.

If your child isn’t getting a lot of play time due to an injury or something else, you’ll also likely want something to do. You may not enjoy watching other children get to play when your own child doesn’t! Invest in a portable device that lets you stream sports games, such as those through this app, to watch with your loved ones.

Fresh Accessories

You never know when your child might forget something simple, like a pair of socks, a fresh headband, or even a jockstrap. These are great things to keep in the essentials bag because you don’t know when they will be needed!

Refer Back to This Youth Sports Guide

There are some really basic things that any parent will want to bring to a youth sports game. If you can think of other things that your child will need that aren’t on this list, don’t forget to pack those as well. It’s always better to be prepared, and if your child doesn’t need these things, another on the team might.

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