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Facebook Dark Mode for IOS and Android Apps

Facebook dark mode has been an extremely popular feature since its release. In this article, we will teach you what dark mode is and what it does. We will also cover how to get Facebook dark mode on your PC and both IOS and Android Apps.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a display setting for UI, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In simple words, dark mode means a default dark background with light text rather than the classic light mode that displays dark colored text over a white base color. When you opt for dark mode, you get a dark base with a light text display.

The main idea behind dark mode is that it can help reduce the impact of light emitted by the screen while keeping up with a minimum color contrast ratio. Offering you clear and crisp readability for hours to come. Depending on the type of your screen display it can also help you conserve your battery life.

Dark Mode for Facebook

Facebook has decided to take their dark mode test public! Yes, that’s right now Android, and iOS users can enjoy Facebook in a dark theme. While there has been a dark mode option for desktops for a while, recently it became available for its iOs and Android applications.

This has given users what they want and makes sure they keep using the application. It has been a great way to please the masses. Moreover, there are a few advantages of dark mode usage. Such usage can easily outweigh one’s decision to use Facebook using the iOS or Android application.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iOS and Android

Dark Mode for Android

  • Open Facebook and click on the menu “three horizontal lines” (hamburger) icon.
  • Once the settings open, click on “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Once open, click on “settings.”
  • If the dark mode is available in your region, it will be displayed as “Dark Mode.”
  • Once the custom options page opens, you can click on “On” to activate the dark mode.

Dark Mode for iOs

  • Open Facebook and click on the menu “three horizontal lines” (hamburger) icon.
  • Once the settings open, click on “Settings & Privacy”.
  • Once open, click on “settings”.
  • Click on “Dark Mode” to activate the dark mode.

Messenger Dark Mode

  • Click on your profile photo (on the top left corner).
  • Click on the “Dark Mode” option to activate.
  • iOS Messenger Dark Mode
  • Click on your profile picture (located on the top-left corner).
  • Move the slide towards the right side to enable dark mode.

Facebook Lite

Moreover, if you are using Facebook Lite, then you might be left with liitle options. As dark mode for Facebook Lite is not available in every country, it might take a while for them to roll out dark mode for Facebook lite worldwide. You can check availability by following the same steps listed above. If you are unable to see the option, then you will have to wait for Facebook to add your country to the list of countries that can enjoy the Dark Mode for Facebook Lite.

Non-Official Options

Furthermore, Facebook’s Dark Mode is sometimes limited but you can use your respective device’s dark mode setting to convert to a system-wide dark mode on your phone. However, not every device is capable of transforming your app from light to dark mode. That being said, iOS users are more likely to be able to transform their Facebook to dark mode by changing the setting in their iOS device settings.

Final Thoughts

There is no guarantee you can enjoy Facebook app dark mode options when using the main Facebook application on your phone. However, you can use the browser on your device to enjoy Facebook’s dark mode. So keep your fingers crossed that your country or system is added to the list of devices that will get access to Facebook Apps dark mode soon. This will enable you to enjoy endless browsing in a more comfortable and less harsh screen impact. The perfect choice for late-night scrollers.

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