According to qualified resume writers, following these rules will keep you ahead of the competition when applying for a job.

According to the Top Resume Writing Services, These Habits Will Put You Ahead

When was the last time you updated your resume, or even glanced at it? Whether your answer is last week or last year, it is important to put some TLC into your resume whenever you have the chance. The experts at top-rated resume writing services say that your resume should be updated at least once every 6 months, which is something that doesn’t happen for most people.

When you finally do get around to making a few changes on your resume, there are a few things you can do to make it stand out. According to qualified resume writers, following these rules and adopting these resume-writing habits will keep you ahead of the competition when applying for a job.

ALWAYS Keep it to One Page

This is a pretty standard rule, but it needs to be reminded every now and again. No matter how much experience you have and how many pages it requires to discuss all of it, ALWAYS keep your resume to one page. Don’t try to pull a fast one on the person reading it but keeping it to one page, but using front and back. A resume is meant to stay on one page, and one page only.

Proofread, Proofread, then Proofread Again

There is nothing worse in a potential employer’s eyes than a resume that is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. This just looks sloppy, and it looks as if you put no effort at all into your resume.

A resume that is flawless with no errors shows that you actually care. If you aren’t well-polished in your language skills, use one of the many editing tools available, like Grammarly. Even better though is to have a friend, family member, or colleague take a look and make any necessary edits.

Focus on Visual Appeal

At first glance, is your resume nice to look at? If not, or if you feel not opinion on the matter, it is time to make some changes. The visual appearance of your resume should be professional, but also striking and aesthetically pleasing.

Research shows that hiring managers only spend a few seconds looking at a resume before either tossing it or calling the candidate for an interview. In order to up the visual appeal and get that call back, try using a resume building template or a professional service.

Include the Proper Context

When writing about your previous work experience and schooling, including all the necessary content. When did you hold the job title? Where was the job located? What were your specific responsibilities? All of this information is necessary, so it should be included. However, do your best to refrain from irrelevant information that adds no value to the resume.

Act as if You’re Telling a Story

A resume is essentially the story of your life that relates to the job in question. Write your story as clearly and concisely as possible and paint the picture in a way that is actually interesting to read. One way to do this is to include specifics of your story, like actual statistics that show how well you performed at your last job.

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