5 Great Health Tips to Keep Your Heart in Good Shape

5 Great Health Tips to Keep Your Heart in Good Shape

The heart is the most important organ in your body. It pumps blood through your arteries and ensures all of your other organs get oxygen. So it’s essential that you take good care of your heart.

This is especially important because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. One person dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds.

Everyone knows that getting enough exercise and maintaining a proper diet are both ways to ensure you have a healthy heart. But how else can you lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health?

In this article, we’ll share some great health tips to keep your heart in good shape.

1. Avoid Trans Fats

The first area that you should focus your attention on is your diet. We all need to eat fats. These include saturated, polyunsaturated, and unsaturated fats.

But there is one type of fat that we don’t need: trans fats.

Trans fats will increase the chances of you developing heart disease or having a stroke. This type of fat clogs your arteries. It does this by raising your bad cholesterol levels (LDL) while lowering your good cholesterol levels (HDL).

When your arteries start to clog, it will raise your blood pressure.

By removing trans fats from your diet, you’ll improve the flow of blood around your body. Trans fats are often found in fast food and processed food.

For more information on lowering your blood pressure, visit healthy-heart.org.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to heart health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you could be at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

It is believed that a lack of sleep can cause disruptions in any underlying health problems, including inflammation and blood pressure.

3. Look After Your Teeth

It is important that you practice good dental hygiene. This is because your dental health provides a good indication of the overall health of your heart.

People with periodontal (gum) disease will often have similar risk factors for heart disease. So it’s essential that you brush your teeth and floss daily to stop plaque bacteria from building up on your teeth.

4. Don’t Sit Still for Too Long

Research suggests that being sat down for too long is bad for your health, regardless of how much exercise you do.

If you have a sedentary job, this could increase the chances of you developing cardiovascular disease, as well as deep vein thrombosis.

Try to keep moving throughout the day. Take regular breaks away from your desk, and if possible, use a standing desk.

5. Avoid Passive Smoking

We all know that smoking can cause cardiovascular disease. But breathing in second-hand smoke can also be bad for you.

Do your best to steer clear of smokers, and be firm with others that want to smoke around you. Keep young children out of smoky environments.

Use These Health Tips to Keep Your Heart in Good Shape

Looking after your heart is essential. You can do this by taking care of your teeth, avoiding trans fats, getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding second-hand smoke.

In addition to the health tips mentioned in this article, getting plenty of exercise and eating fresh fruit and vegetables will also help your heart health.

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