How to Prevent Your Home From Flood Damage

How to Prevent Your Home From Flood Damage

According to the 2017 American Housing Survey, only 10% of homeowners have purchased flood insurance. However, many Americans live in areas that could be dangerous for flooding, so flood insurance is a valuable investment.

Would you like to know more about protecting your home from flood damage? Here are some easy things you can do today to feel more confident the next storm hits.

Assess Your Flood Risk

A great tool to use if you want to see your risk of flooding is the FEMA Flood Map Tool. Even flood zones with less than a 1% chance of regular flooding still carry some risk of significant flooding events every century.

To get an accurate estimate, check where the water level is next time you experience rain or snow. That way, you will know if you need to make any adjustments to your home for your family’s safety during a flood.

When you find out if you are at risk for major flooding, you should see how much flood insurance will cost. It might be worth it if your risk indicates the possibility of frequent flooding events.

Use Sealants

You should prevent flooding significantly by using sealants to ensure water cannot break through cracks. This is known as dry-proofing or ensuring that the least amount of water will enter your home during a flood.

You should try to seal brick and mortar structures, as well as door and window frames. These could play a significant role in keeping water out of your home during a storm.

Place Electric Wiring Above Flood Lines

If your house begins to flood, your power could suffer damage, or even create dangerous conditions. If you live somewhere prone to flooding, you should move your electrical wiring and outlets above the flood level if possible.

A good rule of thumb is for all of your electric switches, circuits, and wiring to be at least one foot above flood level. This will save you time and money in the future when you do not have to worry about replacing your entire system due to flood damage.

Take Advantage of Gravity

If possible, make sure that you do everything in your power to have water flow away from your home. Your gutter runoff should be pointed away from your home, preferably in a direction that goes downhill.

You can also make landscaping modifications to prevent water damage. For instance, if your lawn grades towards your house, you can restructure it so that water will flow in the opposite direction.

Avoid Flood Damage With These Tips

You should not have to worry about flooding when you own your home constantly. With these security measures, you can feel safe and confident that your property will not suffer from flood damage. However, an effective flood insurance program will help you sleep better.

Would you like more tips on securing your home against natural disasters like flood protection? Take a look around our website to learn more.

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