What Your Child’s First Words Mean

Are you on the verge of getting to hear your child talk for the first time? If you are, you’re probably excited beyond belief.

For parents, there is nothing quite like hearing their children’s first words. It shows that it won’t be long before parents and kids will be communicating in a whole new way.

According to a recent survey, some variations of “Dad” or “Mom” are the most common first words. But your kids might also blurt out something else when they’re learning to talk.

Today, we’re going to talk about what your child’s first words might mean. Find out about it below.

Your Child Can Identify Dad and/or Mom

If your child’s first words are either “dad” or “mom,” it usually means that they are starting to be able to identify their parents. When you spend enough time around a child, it’ll only be a matter of time before the child picks up on who you are.

That being said, dads and/or moms shouldn’t get too bent out of shape if a child says “dad” or “mom” and leaves one parent out. More specifically, moms shouldn’t get too upset if “dad” comes out of their baby’s mouth before “mom.”

“Dad” is usually an easier word for kids to say than “mom,” which is why they’ll typically say it first.

Your Child Is Recognizing a Particular Thing

Although most kids will say “dad” or “mom” before anything else, some kids will point out an object when saying their first word. They’ll say something like “car,” “bowl,” or “dog.”

What does this mean? Well, it means that your child is recognizing their surroundings and able to identify things around them.

More often than not, it will also mean that they’ll continue to recognize things around them as they get older. It’s a great skill to have.

Your Child Has a Speech Disorder

If your child is struggling to get their first words out and seemingly saying words that don’t make sense, it could suggest that they have a speech disorder. It would, at the very least, be worth investigating this if you can.

This pediatric speech therapist can shed some more light on this topic and tell you if you have anything to worry about. You might have a hard time teaching words to your child if a speech issue exists.

What Do Your Child’s First Words Mean?

No matter what your child’s first words are, you should look into the meaning behind them if you can. These first words might tell you more about your child than you may think.

You should also make it your mission to continue teaching words to your child once their first word is out. It’ll be your job to broaden their vocabulary as best you can as you move forward.

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