Are you looking to pick up a new cell phone case? If so, take a look at this helpful guide for everything that you need to know.

What to Look For When Choosing a Cell Phone Case

According to a recent poll, Americans drop their phones at least four times a week. There’s no feeling like seeing your phone slipping from your hand and plummeting straight to the ground.

You may have had a flip phone in the past, which was easily replaceable. But cellphones aren’t cheap these days. Some cost as much as a used car because of their smart features.

So the best way to protect them is with a cell phone case. But how can you decide on the best one to buy? We’ll provide some insight below.

Figure Out Your Needs

A key detail is thinking about your level of clumsiness (we’re sorry). How often do you drop your phone? If it’s multiple times a day, you might want a case sturdy enough to handle harsh ground impacts.

But some cases specialize in protecting your phone from water damage. These cases will be a better option for avid swimmers who have accidentally gone for a dip with their phones.

However, keep in mind that your phone can still get damaged by water if exposed for an extended period.

Edges Are Essential

Have you ever dropped your phone face down? Your heart probably sunk because you knew the screen was cracked. Sure enough, once you picked it up, it was.

So as you’re searching for a new case, make sure it has protruded edges. That way, if you happen to drop your phone face down again, the edges will absorb the impact and limit screen damage.

Thickness Can Always Help

Along with protruded edges, a certain level of thickness can help protect your phone from damage. Most smartphone cases today have designs that offer some protection while keeping your phone looking naturally slim.

However, you have an important decision to make—do you want a slightly protected phone or a protective case that may be bulkier? If you’re looking for a piece of mind instead of a fashion accessory, the thicker case is the better option.

Type of Phone You Have

Apple is one of the more popular brands worldwide. It’s no secret that iPhone users have a variety of cases at their fingertips. 

Finding a suitable mobile phone case can be challenging when you’re not part of the Apple family. But i-Blason has many options for Samsung users too. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you’ll find a stylish and protective case with ease.

Additional Features

Of course, you want a case that protects your mobile device and doesn’t stand out too much. But what about additional features?

Some cases have a kickstand, making it easier to enjoy entertainment on your phone. Others have placeholders for your cards or money and can serve as a wallet. Think about what you want and add it to your list of case essentials.

Here’s What to Look For in a Cell Phone Case

When looking for a cell phone case, protection is of the utmost importance. There are various options available, so take extra time to find the case most suitable for your needs.

We hope you’ve gained some insight from this article. For related content, feel free to check out our blog.

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