Just what are the benefits of having a MacBook and is it truly better than a PC? Here are all of the reasons why you should get a Mac.

MacBook vs. PC: What are the Benefits of Having a MacBook?

Apple sold over six million Macbooks in the first three months of 2021, and for good reason. When compared to PCs, Mac computers have a lot of advantages.

So, why should you invest in a new computer? Let’s go through and answer, what are the benefits of having a Macbook?

Safety First

There are lots of different types of PCs out there, and only a few varieties of MacBooks. Plus, MacBooks haven’t been around nearly as long. This means that there are fewer viruses that target MacBooks than target other types of computers. So, if you’re trying to keep your information safe, you should definitely think about investing in a MacBook vs PC.

Ease of Use

Most people find Mac computers much easier to use than PCs. They’re less prone to random technical errors, and the streamlined design makes it easier to navigate the operating system.

If you’ve previously only used PCs and you’re worried about learning how to navigate a new system, you don’t have to be concerned. Mac operating systems are simple for PC users to adapt to.

Customize To Your Needs

Another entry on the list of MacBook benefits is that they offer plenty of ways for you to change how your computer works so that it suits your needs, and tricks to help you navigate the system more easily.

There are shortcuts you can set up to help you bring up programs with just a hit of the keyboard. Or, you can set up your computer to be easier to use if you have disabilities.

This will help you be more productive overall since you’ll have more time to get things done. Supcase.com is a great resource for MacBook tips you might not have thought about previously.

Save Money With a MacBook

MacBooks do cost more money than most PC laptops upfront. But, that price tag is worth it, since you’ll save way more money in the long run. Mac computers tend to last significantly longer than PCs, so you won’t have to find a replacement nearly as soon.

Mac computers also break less than PCs. And, because of Apple’s coverage offerings, any issues you have within a certain period of time will be fixed for free or for a reduced rate, depending on what your issue is.

You Can Still Run Windows or Linux

If you need or want to use a Windows or Linux operating system(please see “tutorial on how to install docker on Ubuntu” for more info on Linux), you can still do so! You can install Windows as the only operating system on the computer. Or, you can use one of the many options to help you mirror Windows when you need it, while still using a Mac operating system the rest of the time.

What Are the Benefits of Having a MacBook? Shop Today

Clearly, when you’re thinking about what are the benefits of having a MacBook, there are lots of reasons.

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