When hiring a locksmith, you need someone who is honest as well as professional. Here's what to look for in a Long Island locksmith.

What to Look For In a Long Island Locksmith

Got a problem with your locks? It may be a major security risk in your property!

Damaged locks can make your property vulnerable to intruders. This is why it’s essential to take optimum care of your lock. When it comes to problems involving your locks, there’s no substitute for hiring a qualified, reputable Long Island locksmith.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of locksmiths, and it can be challenging to find the right person for the job. For this reason, you need to be careful when making choices about your locksmith.

So, “what is a good, trustable locksmith company?” Below is a guide on how to hire a locksmith for all your lock issues:

Check Out for Recommendations and Reviews

Getting references from family and friends can be an effective way of finding a professional locksmith. They can attest to their quality of workmanship. You can also read reviews to determine if your preferred locksmith has a good reputation.

A great source of customer reviews is the company’s website or social media platforms like Facebook. If you find the reviews and recommendations satisfactory, you can award them for the job.


Can you trust a locksmith with no experience?

Apart from wasting your time and money, inexperienced locksmiths can do more harm than good to your locks. This is why it’s important to take into account a locksmith’s experience before hiring.

You can out the amount of time the locksmith company has been in business. However, choosing the company that has been longest in business isn’t always the best choice, as the locksmith industry keeps changing.

Also, ensure your locksmith has experience dealing with different types of locks and lock problems. At Able Lock Shop, you can get locksmith services including residential, commercial, and automotive lock services.

Proper License and Insurance

To ensure you aren’t dealing with shady characters, you should ask for their license. A license shows that your locksmiths have the right certifications.

In addition, you should confirm the locksmith has an insurance policy. It helps cover for damages in your property, or in case the locksmith gets into an accident in your property.


Being locked out of your home, car, or business can be a major inconvenience. Since lock problems can occur at the most unexpected times, you need to hire a locksmith service provider that’s close to you. It’s also in your best interest to find a locksmith that offers emergency 24-hour services.

Up-Front Estimates

Before contracting a locksmith, you make sure to get a written estimate for the services you require. From the labor costs to materials used, you can get quotes from several locksmith companies and compare prices. Also, be wary about locksmith companies that charge higher prices.

Get the Best Long Island Locksmith

Have you been searching online, “locksmith near me?” You can get quality service from a reputable Long Island locksmith if you consider the above tips moving forward. Secure your home or business in Long Island today.

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