What To Know About Electronics Recycling

What To Know About Electronics Recycling

Are you unsure what to do with your old electronics? It may seem as if they keep piling up with every new phone, tablet or computer. However, today, it’s easier than ever to recycle your electronics. This is what you should know.

Recycling Opportunities

You may have heard about and asked, “What is ecoATM?” This is one of the organizations where you can drop off your used electronics for safe recycling and disposal. When you find local recycling, ask what types of electronics they accept and whether they pay you for them.

Electronics Have Hazardous Chemicals

Your electronics have lead, mercury and arsenic in them. These items can poison the soil in landfills and leach into the groundwater. Some electronic waste gets sent to other countries that may not have the capabilities to properly recycle or dispose of them.

Complete Data Destruction

You may feel concerned about data leaks, especially from your own devices. However, proper recycling companies destroy your confidential data completely. They do so securely by overwriting your data or stripping its magnetic field. Also, device destruction prevents breaches because no one can recover the data.

Electronics Have Precious Metals

Did you know that your old phones have palladium, gold and copper in them? These metals are scarce, and companies have to mine them to continue creating these devices. However, companies can repurpose precious metals from recycled devices, such as those gathered from ecoATMs near me.

You Could Save or Make Money

Some companies offer you new devices or discounts on new devices when you trade in your old ones. However, other companies actually pay you cash for your old devices. Often, if these companies do not recycle them into new products, they may also donate or sell them on the secondary market, saving others money as well.

If you are like many in today’s society, you feel concerned about the environment. However, you can help the environment by recycling your electronics.  

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