5 Essential CNC Spare Parts You Should Always Keep on Hand

5 Essential CNC Spare Parts You Should Always Keep on Hand

If you have a CNC machine, keeping some spare parts on hand is important. These parts will help keep your equipment running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.

For example, a spindle is one of the most critical parts of a CNC router. It’s integral to the motor shaft and relies on the quality spindle/motor bearings.


Bushings are an essential component of modern machinery. They isolate noise, vibration and shock to keep a machine running smoothly.

They can be made of two popular materials – rubber or plastic – and are designed to absorb vibrations and prevent abrasion. They can also be designed to be self-lubricating, reducing maintenance requirements and operating costs.

These CNC spare parts are often used in power generation, rail, marine, mining and oil & gas industries. They also protect a machine’s components from heat and can help prevent steam leakages.

However, they are also prone to wear and tear over time. A high-quality set of bushings can extend the lifespan of a machine and provide numerous invaluable advantages, such as low noise and fewer lubrication requirements.


Fittings are an important part of the CNC machine. They help to make certain parts easier to use and can improve the quality of a product.

Different fittings have four basic elements: the pipe or tubing being connected, a gasket, a coupling housing, and bolts and nuts.

They are made from copper, brass, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), or stainless steel and can withstand pressure and temperature.

Many kinds of fittings exist, including tees, elbows, flanges, reducers, couplings, and adapters. Some are used in pressurized piping systems, while others are used for non-pressurized plumbing.

Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are a type of fastener that can be found in a wide range of machines. They’re made from different materials, including wood, stainless steel and metal, but their main function is to hold together two or more parts.

They are typically used to join furniture, shelves and even machines. This is because they’re sturdy and will stand up to use and wear.

They’re also available in various sizes, making them a versatile option. Whether threaded or brass, you can be sure they will provide a secure fit. There are a few things to look for when purchasing dowel pins, including their material and diameter. This will help ensure they’re a good match for the hole you’re drilling. It’s also important to consider how long the dowel will be and if it will work well with the other pieces you’re joining.

Suspension Components

Suspension components are important to a vehicle’s function and safety. These include control arms, sway bars and tie rods.

A well-made control arm can improve a car’s handling, ride quality and overall comfort. The best of these are made from lightweight materials and machined precisely.

One of the best uses for a CNC machine is creating components like carburetor housings and parts of the car’s suspension. These precision parts are made from various plastics and alloys with the help of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. The best part is that these components are often manufactured in small batches, which reduces the risk of quality control problems. This makes them the perfect candidate for a CNC machine’s most valuable asset: a spare parts stock.


Casings are essential to any CNC machine, especially in designing and building prototypes. They can help you create a design model that is more accurate than using other methods and reduce the amount of time spent on prototyping.

They can also be used to ensure that a design is built in the most efficient manner possible, saving your company valuable time and money.

These casings can be made from various materials and come in multiple shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be very decorative and add a touch of class to any room, making it look more finished.

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