Are you looking for lawn care services in North Carolina? Then check out some of the best options in your area via this short breakdown.

Three Types of Lawn Care Services in North Carolina

According to some research, 40 percent of Americans who have a yard hire landscaping services.

If you have a yard in North Carolina and need some lawn care services, you’ll need to figure out what type of service you want. 

Thankfully, we have the best guide you need to find the best lawn care service near you, so make sure you keep reading. 

1. Total Lawn Care

If you don’t want to do anything with your lawn by yourself, you’ll need to do the total lawn care. 

These companies, like, provide lawn care for businesses, property managers, or homeowners to manage everything on the property.

You can sometimes pick and choose what services you need for your company, and then the quality of the yard is the responsibility of the lawn care company. 

They’ll do services like mowing your lawn regularly and making sure that it’s at the right size to grow. They’ll also ensure it can retain water to grow. 

You’ll also be able to have them service the trees, water the flowers and plants, and trim the hedges as well. A landscape provider may even make suggestions on what flowers and species are best for North Carolina to make sure that your property looks great throughout the year.

They may even offer mulching services. This can be a way to maintain your flowerbeds and shrubs while also still maintaining the look of the yard. 

Adding mulch should always be left to professionals because if there’s too much mulch, the fungus can start growing.

2. Maintenance

You’ll need maintenance for your lawn as well, so you’ll want to find a company that can do complete care for all of your property. 

When you opt for a maintenance package, you’ll get lawn care, taking care of annual flowers, trimming trees and shrubs, and repairing anything else that damages the look of the landscape. 

When you choose a company, make sure that you look over the contract to ensure that you have every service that you need in there.

3. Partial Lawn Care

If you want to do some of the lawn care yourself, there are local lawn care services that will only do part of the work. 

You might want help with fertilizing and maintaining the lawn while you mow it. Or you might want to fertilize it and have them mow it. 

They can also do insect, disease, and weed controls so that you don’t have to.

Generally in this contract, you’ll be responsible for watering the plants and dealing with the irrigation. 

Discover More Types Of Lawn Care Services

These are only a few types of lawn care services that you can use for your house or business, but there are other types of services as well.

We know that taking care of your home and lawn can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

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