A pool requires regular cleaning. Pool pros can spot potential problems, but should you hire a pool cleaner to do the cleaning and maintenance for you?

Should You Hire a Professional Pool Cleaner to Maintain Your Pool?

Your pool could be making you sick.

Swimming pools that aren’t properly cleaned and maintained can become breeding grounds for bacteria like cryptosporidium, E. coli, and giardia. In the worst cases, swimmers have died due to exposure.

To enjoy a dip in the pool without worry, pool maintenance is essential. But can you do it yourself, or is a professional pool cleaner a must? Read on to find out.

When to DIY

Some pool maintenance can be done on your own, without calling in the pros. But if you’re new to owning or managing a pool, there might be a learning curve in the beginning.

You’ll need to clean the pool at least once a week using some special equipment. This includes a pool vacuum, brush, skimmer, and cleaning agent.

With a little practice, you can quickly get used to brushing the sides of the pool, vacuuming the floor, and removing leaves and other debris on your own.

You also don’t typically need a professional to treat your pool water. A few chemicals, such as chlorine and shock, will help kill dangerous bacteria in your pool.

You can also test the water’s pH levels on your own, using a water testing device made for pools. This should be done multiple times a week to ensure the water is safe for swimming. Water pH levels fluctuate often, and if they get too high, your chlorine may not work effectively.

When to Hire a Pool Cleaner

Pool maintenance basics can be learned and carried out on your own. But if you start to notice unusual smells, algae growth, or anything else out of the ordinary, a pool cleaner can help.

And even if there are no obvious problems with your pool, you should hire a professional pool service at least once every season. More often is recommended if your pool is public or shared by a large number of people.

Hiring a pool company can be more expensive than cleaning and maintaining a pool yourself. But there are several reasons why the pros are worth your money:

They Spot Problems You Can’t See

Pool cleaners are trained and certified, such as by https://poolcerts.com/, to identify and treat a range of pool issues. And they can likely see issues that you didn’t even notice.

Even if you think your pool is completely safe, a professional may inform you otherwise.

They Save Time

If you can’t keep up with a regular pool cleaning schedule, it’s necessary to pay the pros to do it for you.

They can ensure your pool is properly maintained, saving you precious time.

They Prevent Breakdowns

Pool services not only clean pools, but they can also help maintain equipment.

Pumps, filters, and other pool equipment can break down if not properly maintained. But with the help of professionals, you can get equipment serviced regularly, avoiding downtime or pool closures.

Ready to Go for a Swim?

Before cannonballing into your pool, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly cleaned and maintained. And while this can involve some DIY-ing, at times a professional pool cleaner is your best choice.

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