The Critical Elements to Get You that job Interview

The Critical Elements to Get You that Job Interview

There are a few critical elements of the job-hunting process that are accepted as the most important for your success. These are the aspects that you can improve and work on to ensure that you get invited to interview. The interview is the best way to make a business case for you to be hired and to show the specific firm and HR involved that you are right for the position you’ve applied for.

The right job

The first step to increase your chances of being invited for an interview is to ensure that you are applying for the right job. Theres no way you’ll get an interview if you don’t fit the requirements or at least explain and show some specific relevance for the role you’re applying for. Be specific as to the jobs that you apply for and don’t apply for every job out there. Your chance of being invited to interview will be increased if the recruiter or company knows that you’re being specific and only applying for the top jobs in your sector or field of expertise.

Show your experience

Being able to show that you have the requisite experience for the job at hand is essential. This is the reason that your resume or CV must be adapted for each specific job that you’re applying for. Read through the person specifications, skills and job description and ensure that you can show your various experiences in regard to these specific requirements. Tweak the resume and ensure that the cover letter notes and explains the various aspects of your related experience and skills.

A great first impression

Use the professional cover letter formats you choose to make a great first impression. It’s the first thing that the prospective employer or recruiter will read and believe you me, they will have read a few, so make yours something that stands out from the crowd and yet also clearly speaks to the benefits of employing you in this specific role.

Follow up

Make a point of following up on the resumes and applications sent out. Make contact with the recipient before you send your resume to create a connection with the recruiter or the company. Then promise action in the application and finally follow up in the requisite time frame. Either by email or telephonically, simply enquire as to the stage of the application and whether there has been any progress. The follow up shows the recruiter that you are interested and committed to the process and haven’t simply approached the job hunt with a scatter gun approach and applied for everything.

The interview is the critical stage of the job application process that many look to get to, and the tips in this article will go a long way to getting you there. Finding the right job in a time of economic uncertainty can be a taxing process and you will likely need all the help you can get, this should be a great start in that regard.

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