Although luck is important, it's the only determinant for winning online sports bets. Here are simple ways to shift odds in your favor and boost profits.

Online Sports Betting : 5 Creative Ways to Shift Odds in Your Favor

Are you looking to give sports betting a shot?

The sports betting market doubled and will likely gain more momentum. The launch of legal wagering in 11 key states plus over a billion dollars of investments from huge sportsbooks will fuel its growth.

As a bettor, you need luck to maximize your sports betting profits. How can you control and shift the odds in your favor? Continue reading below for five creative ways to do so.

1. Basic Math Matters

Understanding the math will be the foundation of your sports betting strategy. You cannot control luck, but you can boost your chances of winning with the correct mathematical techniques.

The bookmaker is on the opposing side, and they will do their best to make the most money possible. The average house edge is 5%, meaning the house will always have a bigger chance of winning your money. Still, the bookmaker may let you win if you understand the relationship between multiplication and division.

Another way of using math is by claiming bonus offers. It’s doesn’t concern the odds, but it will still make you money.

2. Revisit the Concept of Value

Revisit your concept of value to see if the bookmaker odds offer any. Spotting value means identifying higher odds and capitalizing on them. For example, you can say a specific team will likely win.

The question is, will their winning probability be better than the odds? Assess these chances and skip the games with unfavorable odds. This skill takes a lot of practice, meaning you need to play a lot with handicap betting to develop it.

3. Establish a Viable Betting Bankroll

Come up with a sensible betting bankroll enough to absorb losses. Are you betting in units? An average one-unit bet should have at least 50 units of bankroll.

What if you don’t have enough money to build one? Money management is the answer. Focus on growing your bankroll as fast as possible without going bankrupt in the process.

Improve your valuation skills and increase the stakes per bet. Do this gradually to avoid betting too much than what you can afford.

4. Don’t Focus on the Big Leagues

Shift the odds in your favor by mixing things up. Bet on less-popular sports with decent profits.

Sticking to the big games also involves some research. Check the latest updates on your desired teams. Read more here about the MLB lockout and how it affects your betting.

5. The Magic of the Ugly Duck

Lastly, shuffle your sports picks by betting on the ugly duck every once in a while. Watch the performance of the leading teams and see if they’re entering a slump.

Switch to the underdogs the next few games and see your winnings increase.

Go Beyond Shifting the Odds in Your Favor

Following these tips will help swing the odds in your favor. You can minimize your losses and gain knowledge to become a wiser bettor.

However, finding the right platform is also a must. Look for reputable betting platforms to ensure your winnings.

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