So, you're the proud owner of a condo, but now what? How do you know how to fill the space correctly? Learn from these condo decorating ideas.

12 Condo Decorating Ideas to Die For

Did you know that around 30 million people in the United States live in a condo? In metropolitan regions, this includes one out of every five homeowners! That means one out of five new condo owners are wondering how they will decorate their new space.

Condos can be a tad more tricky to decorate than single-family homes because there is less space to work some design magic. But, don’t worry! We’ve got your back with condo decorating ideas to help you transform your space from bare and bland to stunningly dressed and uniquely yours!

1. Plants, Plants, and More Plants

There’s a strong possibility your city condo doesn’t have access to trees, plants, or wildlife in general. Even if there is a common area under a canopy of oaks doesn’t mean you have a view of the treetops.

What’s the solution? Invest in plants for your patio and interior to bring a little piece of the countryside into your condo decorations. 

If you don’t like to keep up with a watering schedule, look for plants that don’t require much care. Succulents or cacti are perfect if you’re not a fan of keeping plants alive.

Artificial plants can also be the key to little splashes of green around your living space. The best thing about them? No need to keep up with watering.

Today it’s difficult to tell if artificial plants are natural or not. And, when placed upon a shelf or window sill, no one will ever know! 

2. Dress the Windows

Adding new drapes or curtains in your condo will add interest to your windows and glass patio doors. Curtains and drapes come in a variety of styles and patterns, including embellished, patterned, or solid, and can look sophisticated or eclectic.

Dark-colored curtains can filter sunlight while still adding a stylish touch. Before you buy, double-check that the curtains’ color matches the wall color. It doesn’t have to be exact. Just make sure there’s a monochromatic feel. The area will feel large due to the color consistency.

Hang them high and make sure they’re long enough to reach the floor. Curtains should blend and not be the room’s primary point; they should act as a lovely complement.

3. Bring On the Accessories

Accessorizing is probably the most enjoyable part when decorating your home. It can also help you fine-tune your style. The biggest issue you may face is space. The key to resolving this is figuring out the optimum arrangement for your furniture and accessories.

If your condo has lots of natural light, use large wall mirrors to help your living space seem roomier because they will reflect the light. Mirrors will also give your place a sophisticated appeal.

Hanging bookshelves are another method to reduce clutter accumulating on coffee and end tables. Place your books and accessories on free-standing shelves. It will help you save floor space.

Consider mounting your television on the wall or over the fireplace. When you no longer have to be concerned with a large entertainment center hogging up the room, you’re left with more space to work with.

4. You Have to Love Paint

Another trick to expand the feel of a condo’s interior is to paint it. You can achieve warmth by using soft and vivid colors.

To create a feeling of height, paint your ceiling a deeper color. Vertical stripes on curtains and wallpaper provide the impression of higher ceilings. Your paint color, curtains, and wallpaper should complement one another.

5. Setting the Mood With Lighting

Natural sunlight and a spacious feel can provide numerous advantages. Before leaving the house, starting your day in a bright and cheerful room can raise your mood.

In the evening, try to avoid harsh or overhead lighting, opting instead for a soft, ambient glow from amber light bulbs inside table lamps or unique floor lamps. Salt lamps, candles, and LED strip lights can all play a part in setting a cozy mood.

6. Furniture Placement Is Everything

You will want to keep your furnishings to a minimum, especially if they aren’t practical pieces. It’s great to have a few unique items because they tell a story about you.

But, refrain from too many impractical side chairs or tables with vibrant patterning or color. Simple furnishings are best when decorating a small space. They also give more versatility. 

Another tip for furniture placement is to move your items from up against the wall. Just a few inches will give the impression of more space.
Translucent elements will also aid with the illusion of more openness. Glass coffee and end tables can provide an appearance of more space. 

7. Don’t Forget Artwork

Art is a lovely way to liven up your condo. Who likes looking at empty walls? You’ll most likely have art on at least one of your walls. Find a wall with adequate space to exhibit your artwork.

If you want a gallery wall, lay the frames on the floor in the pattern you want. It will allow you to visualize the layout before putting unwanted holes in those freshly painted walls.

Need custom framing? No worries! Art supply stores will have you covered.

8. Paper Your Walls

Wallpaper can enhance your sense of decor style amazingly. If you were to ask an interior decorator how to decorate a condo, wallpaper would be top on the to-do list.

Your condo will benefit from an accent wall covered in stunning decorative wallpaper. You can add a touch of grandeur in a smaller room without feeling overwhelmed with the design as you might in a larger space.   

Make an accent wall stand out behind the couch in the living room. Or behind the bed or a large dresser in the bedroom. The hallway is a perfect spot to try out new ideas with wallpaper. Because the hall is smaller, you can get away with bolder and fresher prints.

Does wallpaper frighten you? Don’t worry! There are a plethora of temporary, peel-and-stick wallpapers. If you decide you don’t like it, or you get bored easily, just peel it off and try something new.

9. Curves Are Beautiful

Decorating with curves is a brilliant interior design choice for smaller spaces. Curvy sofas, round mirrors, and sturdy armchairs with a curved design can give the impression of more space in a room than there is.

Curved edges take up less space than squared-off ones. Curves also give more of a fluid feel to a room versus a hard-edged square.

10. Lucite Is a Clear Winner

A Lucite table or chair is a must for your condo’s interior design. Glass surfaces and Lucite elements create the illusion of open space while also providing stylized function.

Unlike solid wood furnishings, clear furniture allows the light to flow through the piece. Lucite furniture pieces will give the impression that you have fewer pieces of furniture and more space than you do.

11. Float Away 

Floating shelves are another home décor must-have. Floating shelves are a fantastic choice since they take up less room and have less mass than normal shelving units.

They provide enough storage while also looking sleek and modern. Use them in the living area, or kitchen. Using floating shelves in the kitchen gives the feel of trendy open shelving for storing nesting bowls or decorative cups. 

12. Shiny as a Copper Penny

The attraction of rich copper is lovely in any season, but fall seems to be the ideal time to bring out a tinge of gold in your kitchen. Copper is the answer to a warm and cozy aesthetic.

Copper can be used in hammered countertops and custom kitchen backsplash tiling. In the kitchen or bathroom, look for a mix of tiles in copper and mosaics at your local tile store.

Metallic finishes are abundant throughout your home, so don’t overlook the importance of ornamental metals in your interior decor. Remember that the devil is in the details, and ornate wrought iron railings and balustrades are a great place to put this beautiful metal on display.

One More Thing to Consider

Were you aware that condo associations are a hybrid of landlords and homeowners’ groups? They’re in charge of keeping the grounds and common areas in good repair while allowing you, the condo owner, complete control over the interior design of your unit.

However, this balance has resulted in uncertainty regarding each party’s liability risks and losses. You must first identify what your condo association master insurance policy covers to determine what you may be accountable for should something unforeseen happen. Be sure to check into it to know where you stand without being surprised.

Which Tips Will You Use?

We hope you got something out of these condo decorating ideas. If you only incorporate a few, you will be well on your way to having the home of your dreams and a condo design that reflects your personality.

Check out our Home and Real Estate page for additional tips for living an inspired life. Or, contact us for more information!

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