How to Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time and Get Them Off the Couch

The progression of technology has added luxury, safety, convenience, and security to our day to day lives. However, not all of the effects of technology are positive. For example, kids these days are addicted to electronics, like video games, phones, and tablets. 

As such, asking your child to set their phone down and get off the couch can predictably start a fight each evening. But maybe it’s because they’ve forgotten what their other alternatives are. Maybe they need to be shown that there’s an expansive world of entertainment and discovery outside of their screens. 

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our tops tips on how to help your kids get moving and limit their screen time.

Show Them What They’re Missing

One reason why kids (and many adults) get drawn into their TV shows, movies, video games, and social media is that they’ve forgotten what the real world has to offer. In some ways, technology is great, we have the world at our fingertips. However, it’s not the same as going outside and experiencing things first-hand. 

Show your kids what they’re missing. Get them interested in exercise and other activities that get them off the couch. There are a ton of outdoor games for children of all ages. 

Go on weekend trips, take them hiking, or get them involved in school sports. Spark their imagination and curiosity with exploration and discovery.

Activate the Parental Overrides on Their Phones

While it’s unpleasant to consider, remember that your children may not be entirely honest about their screen time. Remember how you were when you were younger (sneaking cookies, giving your vegetables to the dog under the table, etc.).

To limit your child’s screen time, you may need to use parental control systems. From your own phone, you can monitor screen time and activities. Furthermore, you can shut down certain apps at certain times or after a predetermined amount of usage. 

There are several benefits of limiting screen time. For example, check out this article from medicalartseye.com to see how too much screen time can be harmful to your child’s eyes.

Provide Entertaining At-Home Alternatives to Get Them Off the Couch

Sometimes, making your kids get active isn’t a rational possibility. For example, if it’s dark, too cold, or too hot, you can’t make your kids go outside to play. 

In these scenarios, it’s best to provide in-home alternatives to electronics to get them off the couch. Get out some board games, inspire them to build a fort, or remind them of all the toys they have in their room collecting dust. 

Your suggestions depend entirely on their age. If they’re older, give them a good book to read or challenge them to make dinner or dessert for everyone. 

Create an Electronics Rewards System

Sometimes, to get moving and get off the couch, your kids need a little motivation. They love spending time on their electronics, so make them earn it. 

Create a reward system where they can earn more screen time by doing other things. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do an extra chore
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Exercise, workout, or go for a walk
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Etc.

You may even decide to implement this system as a mandatory requirement for any screen time. Design your reward system around the needs of your household and the personalities of your children.

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