If you have presbyopia, you might be wondering if any presbyopia eye drops can help you. Read on and learn more about treatment options here.

How to Choose the Right Presbyopia Eye Drops for You: A Guide

Are you struggling to read text that’s right in front of your face — maybe even holding your dinner menu at arms’ length to see what it says? Then you’re like 1.8 billion people around the world who suffer from presbyopia. 

If you’re wondering how to define presbyopia, it’s the loss of near vision that occurs naturally as we age. Many adults around age 45 realize that their vision isn’t what it used to be. If that describes you, you’re probably wondering what presbyopia treatment options are out there.

While there are some surgical interventions, you can also turn to non-invasive remedies like presbyopia eye drops. Keep reading — we’ll explain your presbyopia eye drop options so that you can get back to reading normally.

Presbyopia Treatment Options

Presbyopia happens to everyone. It occurs naturally as we age.

To focus on things close to us, our eye muscles have to contract. This changes the shape of our eye’s lens so it can focus on near objects.

When we’re young, our eye’s lens is flexible and it adjusts easily. As we age, the lens gets stiffer over time. This makes it more difficult for our eye muscles to adjust its shape, and harder for us to read up close.

Presbyopia Surgeries

That’s why most presbyopia treatments are surgical. They’re aimed at reshaping the lens so that you can see up close. Presbyopia surgeries include:

  • Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery
  • Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK) surgery
  • Conductive keratoplasty
  • And more

These surgeries can be quick with short recovery times. However, surgical intervention isn’t right for everyone. 

Presbyopia Eye Drops

If you’re just beginning to experience presbyopia symptoms, you may not want to go for surgery right away. 

Instead, you can turn to non-surgical interventions like eye drops. Presbyopia eye drops work by:

  • Constricting your eye’s pupil
  • Focusing light on your retina 
  • Thus, giving you better near vision without compromising your farsight vision

Some presbyopia eye drops come with a side effect of dimmed vision. This makes it harder to see in low light — when driving at night, for example.

However, some innovative presbyopia eye drops, like the ones you can find at lenz-tx.com, don’t cause this side effect. This means they help your near vision without compromising your night vision, so you can use them in any situation. 

Don’t Let Presbyopia Slow You Down

Yes, presbyopia is inevitable. We all have trouble with our eyesight as we age. But that’s no reason to feel embarrassed or rely on tacky reading glasses.

When you start to hold your phone at arm’s length, start thinking about presbyopia treatments. Don’t forget that surgery isn’t the only option. Presbyopia eye drops are a safe, effective way to treat short-sightedness, without the hassle and risk of surgery!

You never know when a cutting-edge treatment will transform your life. If you’re ready to learn about more amazing advances in tech that will help you live to the fullest, keep reading our blog!

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