Outdoor spaces have become more important than ever during the Covid era. We look at some fun backyard garden design ideas to spruce up your space.

5 Stunning Backyard Garden Design Ideas to Try

Humans aren’t very different from hibernating animals.

No sooner as the first blossom petal appears on a tree do we crawl out of our warm, stuffy, centrally-heated houses. We step out into the backyard blinking in the sunlight and inhale that first breath of fresh, spring air.

No matter how small your backyard, you can experience the bliss of the great outdoors using a few clever landscaping features. This guide will reveal the top five backyard garden design ideas.

1. Low Maintenance Evergreen

There are two reasons evergreen plants are prevalent in garden designs. First, they’ll give your backyard a consistent look all year round. Second, they are easy to care for (perfect for busy homeowners).

Popular evergreen plants to try include boxwood, azalea, and arborvitae.

Try creating a border around your garden and planting evergreen shrubs, Place tall plants at the back and short at the front to add some interest to the eye.

Evergreen plants are also an excellent option for your front garden. They will give you that all-important “curb appeal” (essential when selling your home).

2. A Garden Fit for Foodies

Do you love cooking and entertaining? Then a large, informal dining area is the perfect addition to your backyard. But for the most committed food lovers out there, you can go one step further by adding an edible garden.

Think about planting fruit trees and bushes that will present you with delights all year round. Add a neat and organized vegetable patch to grow a wide variety of unique, organic vegetables.

There’s another benefit to this style of garden. It looks beautiful, particularly in the spring with the trees start to blossom. 

3. Try Some Calm Reflection

Listen to the calming sound of water by creating a small ornamental pond in your garden. Add stepping stones and some ornamental plants to create a garden that is as pretty as a picture.

Not only will it look beautiful, but a pond might also attract some wildlife to your garden. 

If the thought of digging a pond is unappealing, there is an alternative. Install a water feature, which will create a similar tranquil effect in your backyard.

4. Create an Adventure

You’ll know the importance of combining home design with practicality if you have small children. That is never truer than with outdoor spaces.

You can embrace that by creating a children’s adventure that also looks stylish. Think about wooden logs, small stepping stones, and even a well-sheltered mug kitchen for those all-important baking experiments.

You can also tempt your children to discover their gardening skills by putting them in charge of a miniature herb garden.

5. A Floral-Framed Pergola

Reading under the shade of a pretty pergola might conjure up a romance novel. But in real life, it’s also a popular landscape design.

You’ll get a quiet sheltered seating area, and by adding climbing flowers to the pergola, you’ll also create the perfect feature point for any small backyard.

Using simple metal outdoor furniture designs, you could even create a two-seater dining area for those special romantic evenings. 

Backyard Garden Design Ideas to Try Today

There you have it: five backyard garden design ideas to try today. The only question remaining is: which one is right for you?

Consider your gardening expertise, personal preferences, and your family’s needs before making your final decision.

Next, turn your attention to your interiors by getting some inspiration in our home and real estate section. 

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