Brightspace CCBC Features

 CCBC Brightspace: All You Need to Know About

Have you ever heard about CCBC Brightspace before?

CCBC Brightspace is an E-learning portal for supplementary education at Baltimore County Students Community College.

Students can access tools, courses, and papers to help them study. As long as there’s internet connectivity, they can always use the portal anywhere and anytime.

Brightspace CCBC Features

Before discussing the CCBC Brightspace login process, we want to describe its features. E-learning packs a lot of features that may be useful for both the teachers and students, such as:

  • Discussion forum
  • Course material
  • Direct explanation and information from the instructor
  • Score grading
  • Course assessment and many others
Brightspace CCBC

CCBC Brightspace Login

Now here’s how to use CCBC Brightspace login:

  1. To access the Brightspace CCBC, you need to access its official website at
  2. Then, a new login page will come up
  3. Fill the space with your account details
  4. After all, is done, click Next
  5. Now enter your passwords, and make sure you fill them correctly
  6. Press the Login button
  7. Now. you are done!

Common Problems & Solutions

Sometimes the students may experience problems when trying to do CCBC Brightspace login. These problems are most common and easy to solve. So, here are the most common ones along with their solutions:

  • Wrong credentials: Some students may enter the message because they wrongly enter their username and password. So, join them correctly to gain access to CCBC Brightspace.
  • Wrong website address: Some users claimed to be lost at some place because they wrongly entered the address. Ensure to put in the correct official website of CCBC Brightspace, and make sure to double-check before clicking enter
  • Slow internet connection: When you have a slow internet connection, you might experience a slow down or lag during your sessions in the CCBC Brightspace. So, check your internet connection; it is better if you connect your device to a Wifie connection instead of mobile data.

Understanding The Functions of E-Learning for Students

  1. E-learning As A Supplement for The Main Study

The function of E-learning as a supplement is when schools/universities run educational methods with the conventional model as the primary model. Students still have to come to school to learn effectively and thoroughly. 

Then, the teacher adds student learning time through additional learning through the E-learning learning system. In this case, the institution makes further E-learning that is not required in schools.

  1. Complementary E-Learning or Complementary Learning

The function of E-learning as a complement is online learning provided by teachers to complement the material provided by conventional teachers. In this case, the teacher offers material through offline education. Still, students must open some sources through an online learning system. 

This is then refined into blended learning. This means that learning can be done online and offline.

  1. E-Learning As a Substitute

E-learning as a substitute, of course, is very clear. This E-learning function is a substitute for a complete conventional learning method. 

We’ve all been through a period where the early days of COVID-19 happened some time ago. Back then, all schools implemented the learning process through E-learning as a temporary substitute for offline learning to break the chain of the coronavirus.

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