Brightspace Akron: The Basics

Understanding Brightspace Akron

Brightspace Akron is a type of E-learning portal made to facilitate students. Brightspace Akron makes online learning a better and more convenient process. 

The portal is made for the University of Akron. However, the implementation can be applied to other universities.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the features of Brightspace Akron, how to use the Brightspace Akron login, plus other information. See the explanations below!

The Features

Indeed, Brightspace Akron, also known as Carleton, has many features to promote online learning in universities. Some examples are:

  • Discussion forum for groups and classes
  • Complete access to the materials of the course
  • Detailed information and instruction from the teachers or instructors
  • Grading score for each course
  • Addition of assessments

How to Do Brightspace Akron Login

To do Brightspace Uakron login, you need to do several steps:

  1. First off, you need to visit the official website of the portal at
  2. Then, you’ll see a login page
  3. Enter your credentials here, and make sure to correctly fill in the username and passwords.
  4. You’re done!

Understanding About The Function of E-Learning for University Students

The communication between teachers and students is not only in face-to-face interaction. However, it can be in the form of communication using the telephone, email, internet, and so on. 

In the world of education, there has been a paradigm shift in learning, From the initial dependence on the teacher to student-centered learning. In this case, the teacher is no longer the only source of information but rather a facilitator and consultant for their students. 

With this shift in the teacher’s role, teachers must be familiar with various media and how to use them. This is what makes a teacher great. 

With these advantages, along with the young generation they are educating, isn’t this an extraordinary potential to create a golden age and improve the nation’s progress in the future?

Thus the role of IT in this matter becomes apparent; the presence of E-Learning can be an aspiration for this change. E-learning can encourage the democratization of teaching and learning processes by giving students greater control over learning.

Brightspace Akron

The Benefits and Implementation of Brightspace Akron

In general, the essential roles and benefits of E-Learning can be grouped into 2, namely as a compliment and a substitute.

 E-Learning complements the face-to-face learning system, assuming that face-to-face learning is still ongoing. In that case, the presence of E-Learning can be an additional means that can facilitate teachers in many ways. 

At the same time, the role as a substitute means that most of the learning process uses IT facilities.

With the explanation above, there are so many reasons for teachers and educators to improve their competence in planning, operating, maintaining, and supervising the use of E-Learning in their teaching program. 

The means to improve optimization capabilities in the use of IT is, of course, by attending IT education and training and starting to implement E-learning, although it is done gradually.

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