If you are ready to start practicing yoga but don't know where to begin, then you need to read this guide to the different types of yoga classes.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Yoga Classes

There are now over 40.93 million pilates and yoga studio businesses across the US. In fact, yoga is ranked among the top fitness trends worldwide. The number of yoga practitioners could reach 350 million by the end of the decade.

About 44% of American yogis attend classes two to three times a week. Despite yoga’s growing popularity, not many people realize there are different types of yoga classes to choose from. 

Here are nine types of yoga you might consider trying for yourself this year. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, consider stretching out of your comfort zone. These yoga classes can benefit your mental and physical health in 2022.

Read on to discover the different types of yoga you can begin practicing today!

1. Hatha Yoga

If you’re interested in yoga for beginners, consider trying Hatha yoga this year. Hatha and Ashtanga are the most practiced styles of yoga. Hatha yoga classes are considered a gentler form of yoga.

“Hatha” is Sanskrit. It refers to different types of yoga classes that teach physical postures. 

Hatha is a practice of the body. In reality, all types of yoga are Hatha yoga.

This type of yoga uses a slower pace, making it ideal for anyone who is learning how to start practicing yoga as a beginner. If you find classes marketed as “Hatha yoga,” you’ll receive a gentle, slow-paced introduction to poses.

These classes will allow you to work on the most basic yoga postures.

You likely won’t work up a sweat during these classes. However, you should leave each session feeling loose and relaxed.

Once you feel like you’ve mastered Hatha yoga, you can move on to other yoga classes for beginners. 

2. Ashtanga Yoga

Remember, Ashtanga yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga practiced today. Ashtanga follows ancient yoga teaching. It was brought to the West in the 1970s.

Ashtanga yoga is more rigorous than Hatha yoga. It follows a specific sequence of postures. It’s often compared to Vinyasa yoga since both styles link movements to your breath.

Ashtanga yoga, however, performs the same poses in the exact same order with each session.

You’ll likely work up a sweat after an Ashtanga yoga class. Make sure to bring a towel for your mat! With time, you’ll grow accustomed to the physically demanding poses. 

You can explore these yoga services today to get started.

3. Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice that links your movements and breath. Classes can almost feel dance-like. “Vinyasa” is Sanskrit for “to place in a special way.”

With Vinyasa yoga, you won’t linger too long with each pose. Rather, the pace is often quick. Your heart rate will rise as you move from one pose to the next.

Instructors often pump music during sessions, matching the beat as each pose progresses.

This type of yoga class is ideal for anyone who loves high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The fast pace is ideal for intense exercises who love working up a sweat. Endurance athletes and runners might prefer this style for its continuous movements. 

Unlike Ashtanga yoga, no two Vinyasa classes are the same. These classes are ideal if you prefer to break from routine. 

4. Kundalini Yoga

If you’re looking for types of yoga classes that are physically and mentally challenging, consider Kundalini yoga.

This form of yoga involves kriyas, which are repetitive physical exercises paired with intense breathwork. You might also chant, sing, and meditate during a session.

The goal during these classes is to break through internal barriers. You can release any untapped energy within yourself as well. You could achieve a higher level of self-awareness as a result.

This type of yoga is ideal for anyone looking for a spiritual practice. Kundalini has an emphasis on different internal aspects of yoga, too. 

5. Iyengar Yoga

If you prefer precision and attention to detail, consider types of yoga classes like Iyengar. These classes focus on your body’s alignment with every pose.

You might use a rope wall, blankets, or yoga blocks during these classes. These tools will help you work within a safe, effective range of motion.

With Iyengar yoga, you’ll hold each post for a period of time. 

This type of yoga is ideal if you’re detail-oriented or interested in movement, form, and anatomy. You can learn a lot from each class. 

6. Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is quickly gaining more popularity. This form of yoga is practiced in a heated room. 

The intense heat will allow you to feel like you can move deeper into certain poses. 

This type of yoga is ideal for anyone who wants to work up a sweat. You’ll leave class feeling drenched!

7. Bikram Yoga

If you’re looking for another way to work up a sweat, consider Bikram yoga for beginners.

This type of yoga follows a series of 26 poses and two breathing sizes. You’ll practice Bikram yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Every session follows a 90-minute sequence.

Once you learn the ropes, you can continue following this set routine. Some yogis prefer Bikram due to its predictable sequence.

Make sure to hydrate plenty before class!

8. Yin Yoga

As you explore yoga classes for beginners, you’ll likely encounter Yin yoga classes. These classes will help you balance your mind and body. You can find your zen with every session.

With Yin yoga, you’ll hold each pose for a few minutes at a time. These classes target your connective tissues and fascia. Sessions could restore length and elasticity as a result.

This class isn’t recommended if you’re super flexible, since you might overexert yourself. 

9. Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga involves slow-moving sequences. You’ll hold each pose longer to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system. You could experience deeper relaxation as a result.

These classes are ideal for any who struggles with anxiety or insomnia. 

Stretch It Out: 9 Amazing Types of Yoga for Every Beginner

Ready to relax, stretch out, or work up a sweat? Consider trying these different types of yoga classes. Each class can help ease stress, improving your mental and physical well-being.

Learn how to start practicing yoga with one of these classes today!

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