Are you thinking of making a move to Dallas but aren't completely sure yet? Here are 5 reasons why moving to Dallas is a great idea.

6 Compelling Reasons to Move to Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas… including the reasons to move there!

If you’ve been considering a move to one of Texas’s biggest and most famous cities, you’re already making a great choice. A move to Dallas can open up your life to many exciting experiences and opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing perks you get when you choose to rent or buy a home in Dallas, Texas.

1. Arts and Culture

The art scene in Dallas is a healthy and thriving one which means there’s always something to do to motivate your creative side and appreciate the arts.

The city of Dallas has a whole arts district filled with museums, galleries, and performing arts venues including the Dallas Museum of Art and Winspear Opera House. It’s easy to become informed and cultured as a lover of the arts when you live in Dallas.

2. Sports

Dallas isn’t just for art lovers. It’s for sports fans too!

You may find yourself a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Wings, and many other famous sports teams. With stadiums within driving distance, you’ll never have a weekend without a sporting event to go to again. Plus, you can make last-minute choices to go to games and get discounted tickets from providers like Groupon.

3. Nature

Within Dallas and within a short drive of Dallas there are many beautiful lakes to go hiking around or boating in. White Rock Lake is even home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens which are full of beautiful sights for all kinds of nature lovers. 

When you’re moving to Dallas you’re not only moving to a bustling urban area, but you’re moving to closer access to some beautiful rural and lake scenes as well. The great outdoors is never far away.

4. Food

Did you know that Dallas has some of the most amazing restaurants in the country? It’s particularly known for its TexMex food, but all different palettes can be satisfied by the culinary establishments of Dallas because it has one of the highest densities of restaurants in the U.S.

5. Cost

Dallas is comparatively less expensive to live in than many major cities in the U.S. While New York City is 129% over the average cost of living in the U.S., Dallas is only 2% over. With a good real estate company like Park Fountains at Preston Hollow, you can find the right neighborhood and apartment for you in your price range.

While renting at the low rates in Dallas, it’s easier to save up money so that you can plan on being a homeowner in the future. Dallas is a great place to raise a family and make a real estate investment.

6. Schools

Many of the top schools in Texas are located right in Dallas. If you’re moving to Dallas with your family, you’re making an investment in your children’s futures whether you send them to an elite private school such as the School for the Talend and Gifted or a public high school like Jasper High School.

Move to A Better Home – Move to Dallas

A move to Dallas is a move towards a cultured city where your children will receive the best possible education in Texas. It’s a move towards the best of a bustling city and serene nature. It’s a move to exciting sporting events and delicious meals. Best of all, it’s all for a reasonable price.

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