There are several things you need to remember when it comes to cleaning a living room. These five tips will help you have a clean home.

5 Effective Tips for Cleaning a Living Room

Your home’s living room is the one place where the entire family can come together to spend quality time. You plan movie nights, you play board games, and you relax on the couch all in this one room. Because it’s one of the main rooms in the home where the family spends the majority of their time, it can get messy fast.

Cleaning a living room on a regular basis is essential because it keeps the home and the family healthy. Knowing how to clean a living room in the proper way will ensure germs and bacteria are kept at a minimum. 

Before you begin the cleaning process, you should know a few house cleaning tips. Continue reading below to learn how to clean a living room with ease!

1. Clean From Top to Bottom

Before you grab your duster and mop bucket and start dusting your entertainment center, stop and determine the highest point in the room. You want to clean from top to bottom. If you dust the entertainment center and then dust the fan, dust can fall from the fan onto the entertainment center, creating more work for you.

Always start with dusting the ceilings, ceiling fan, light fixture, and walls. Then, work your way down. 

2. Declutter Everything

If you want to perform a proper cleaning of the living room, then you’ll want to declutter the space. Are there any items that can be put in a storage cabinet? Do any items not belong in the room and need to be put back in their place?

If your living room is full of items you don’t use on a daily basis, then it might be time to donate, sell, or trash them.

3. Wash All Blinds and Curtains

One part of your living room that you might forget to clean is the window(s). Windows can quickly accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. Be sure to remove curtains and wash as instructed by the manufacturer. 

Dust and wipe down all blinds as well. Then, remember to spray and wipe down both the glass panels and the window tracks.

4. Clean Out Chairs and Couches

Although your living room chairs and couches might seem clean on the surface, they most likely could use a good cleaning. Start by vacuuming inside all creases. You might be surprised by how many crumbs you find.

Finish the task by wiping down the surface of each chair or couch or cleaning with an upholstery tool.

5. Professionally Clean Carpets and Rugs

To complete an excellent deep cleaning of your living room, it’s ideal to have the carpet and any area rugs professionally cleaned. Although you can spot clean your carpet or rug, over time, it’ll need a more thorough cleaning. 

Professional carpet and rug cleaning ensures all dirt, dust, and bacteria are removed. Stubborn stains can even be professionally dyed to match its original color and improve the aesthetics. 

Cleaning a Living Room Has Never Been Easier

With these helpful tips, you can continue to keep your home and family clean and healthy. Cleaning a living room doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Make the process an easy one by keeping this guide handy.

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