5 Tips on Staying Productive and Being Stress Free

Stress can be unavoidable depending on how we handle the situations that appear around us. Because of how the pandemic affected a lot of people, more are feeling stressed over their problems. Whether small or big, it can leave you paralyzed with anxiety and uncertainty.

While stress comes in varying levels, dealing with it and staying productive can come out as a challenge. What’s great is that there are easy ways to push past the stress and break free from it. Today, we will look at these handy tips to help you stay productive and finish what you started for the day.

1. Organize Your Work

One of the ways to help you remain productive and avoid stress is to set things in order when your work. Chaos adds to the anxiety, bringing you more stress that can dampen your performance. Organizing your workstation is a great way to combat chaos.

What you can do is to set your tasks and objectives in portions and chunks. This way, you can break a bigger task into smaller tasks. This makes the workflow feel smooth and organized.

In other parts, if you are in a leadership role, you can delegate the tasks to your other teammates. This helps you share the responsibility, lightening the load for everyone. Also, by doing this, you can reduce the stress that comes with doing too much.

Remember to not spread yourself thin. Do not take up too many tasks that you end up overwhelmed. Rather, take what you can and work with that.

2. Control Your Surroundings and Environment

The next thing you should look into is your environment. Take control of your environment. This can help you in staying productive and being stress-free. 

You can start by cleaning up your surroundings. This includes your home and your work area. By doing this, you can also help clear out your mind.

Another way that you can clear out your mind to help you remain productive is to have a change of scenery. For a work from home setup, it would be a hard situation as your mind ends up wandering a good bit without designating areas and compartmentalizing. 

One way to address such a situation is to set a routine and follow it. Designate which areas would be your home office and which one is not part of it. This way, your body, and your mind will follow these designations by means of forming habits.

3. Stay Connected with Others

Life can throw in a lot of situations that may spiral out of control. In such situations, you need accountability and connection. Being isolated can be quite a danger, especially when it leads to anxiety and depression.

For this, get in touch with your friends. You can use online communication platforms and have a chit-chat. You can even go for group phone calls or video calls just to keep in touch and get up to speed.

For work, reach out to your colleagues and connect. With video conferencing calls, you can get a glimpse of human interaction once. Being able to see each other helps make the conversations intimate.

Addicts also have it rough while in their journey through rehab. You can check out the details here about leading life after addiction. In situations like these, it would be best to not face it alone.

Even with the lockdowns and safety protocols in place, we still need human connection in some shape or form. It can help in breaking past stress and allowing us to be productive. Collaborative efforts work well through a means of communication and interaction.

4. Take Breaks Regularly and Care for Yourself

When looking at ways on how to be stress free, one of the key pointers is to take care of yourself. Being at home, it is rather easy to not have a grasp of control that we either slog through work too much or we slack off too much. For the latter, that is a matter of discipline and dedication.

With overworking yourself, you need to hold back a little and step back. During these times, take a need break whenever you can. This allows you to reduce your stress levels and to let your body and mind rest after going through your tasks.

Going for work increments with breaks in between helps you refocus your attention. It lets center your ground and reset your mind for a moment.

You also need to get enough sleep. An average of six to eight hours should be enough for you to let your body regain the energy it needs. It also lets your internal organs work their time to repair, taking up a fifth of your sleeping time and it takes longer if your body is not healthy.

5. Get Caught Up to Stress Less

While stress is rather hard to avoid, you can minimize the stress that you receive. It becomes stressful in situations where you see tasks pile up or if you have a lot to do. Consider taking things step-by-step and build from there.

We mentioned earlier how you set your work into chunks and categories. You can also add into this the part about setting them by priority. This lets you focus on what you can complete before going for the remaining ones.

Outside of work, looking at priorities can also help you figure out which matters demand your attention that warrants the stress. Sometimes, people get sidetracked by stressing and wasting time on insignificant matters. If it isn’t worth worrying about, you will need to let it go.

Do not let stress dominate you. Take control of it and confront it head-on.

Staying Productive Can Help You Push Forward

With these tips, staying productive should help you with going through the day. Set your priorities and set your pace. Once you have control of the situation, you can keep your productive pace amidst the situation thrown at you.

Do you want more stress-free tips to keep yourself in peak mental condition? Check out more of our guides to learn all you can today!

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