Are you planning your post corona trip already? Well here are 5 handy travel gadgets to make life on the road easier than ever

5 Handy Travel Gadgets to Make Life on the Road Easier Than Ever

No matter what kind of journey you’re about to embark on – business or pleasure – travel days can be long, tedious, and downright miserable. That is, unless you have the proper gadgets to keep you comfortable and entertained while traveling.

There are plenty of innovative travel-related gadgets that can make this possible. There are even a few techy gadgets that will come in handy during the duration of your trip. You never again have to dread that long international flight or consider the horror of no WiFi while on the road when you invest in these cool gadgets.

goTenna Mesh Off Grid Networking Device

The goTenna Mesh Off Grid Networking Device allows its users to text and access GPS, even when the cellular network or WiFi isn’t available. It essentially works by allowing a phone to power its own network once it has been connected to the small goTenna device. Once connected, a phone can send and receive SMS messages to other goTenna Mesh users.

This is the ultimate backcountry gadget for avid hikers and campers who want to avoid getting lost from their outdoorsy friends. With the goTenna device, you’ll be able to venture off on your own for some alone time during a weekend hike. You’ll always be able to connect back up with your friends as long as you’ve remained within a 4 mile range.

On-the-Go Cocktail Kit

A lack of cocktails might not seem like an emergency, but for some travelers it absolutely is. Packing an on-the-go cocktail kit is a great way to keep the mood lifted during any trip. If you and your travel buddies are having some bad luck, simply whip out the handy dandy mini cocktail kit to brighten the mood.

There are a few mini cocktail kits to choose from, but the one with the highest marks from travelers is the W&P’s Carry-On Cocktail Kit. It comes with a useful recipe card for all non-bartending travelers, a muddler made from durable stainless steel, and enough booze to create two fairly strong cocktails. You can pick and choose between your favorite drinks, with options for Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, and Old Fashioned cocktail kits.

Portable WiFi HotSpot and Power Bank Combo

Investing in a portable WiFi Hotspot is the smartest thing you can do when traveling to remote destinations of the world. Imagine taking the bus Bangkok to Koh Phangan in Thailand with no internet access and no cellular data. The trip takes about 16 hours, and this will be a very long 16 hours without a portable WiFi hotspot.

The other thing you should worry about is losing power on your devices. This is inevitable, and phone, tablet, and laptop batteries always seem to die at the most inopportune time. This is why a power bank is a necessity while on the road. Nowadays, you can purchase a portable WiFi hotspot and power bank combo. The best gadget offering WiFi and battery charging capabilities is the Skyroam Solis.

Skyroam Solis.

Traveling with the Skyroam Solis means never having to worry about investing in foreign SIM cards or purchasing a pricey international plan from your current provider. The Solis currently operates in 130 countries around the globe, providing users with 4G LTE data. You and 4 fellow travel buddies can all connect to the same Solis. Another perk of this gadget is that you can simultaneously charge your low-battery devices while using the hotspot.

Pocket-Size Washing Machine

The pocket-size washing machine won’t be necessary for all travelers, but it is especially handy for long-term backpackers. Anyone who has traveled to remote locations of the world understands that access to a washing machine is not always possible. Sometimes you just have to resort to hand washing clothes in a bucket. That is, unless you have packed along a pocket-size washing machine.

The Scrubba Wash Bag comes equipped with a flexible washing board and a lightweight washing bag. Packing the Scrubba means that you will never run out of clean laundry, no matter if you are in the heart of Europe or taking part in a weeklong African safari.

Water Purification Bottle

A water bottle with H20 purification capabilities is a must-have for avid travelers, especially those taking part in long hikes or treks. Most health issues for travelers are the result of water pollution and drinking from a contaminated water source. This can be avoided with the GRAYL’s UltraLight Purifier. Just as the name suggests, the bottle is lightweight and it is able to purify any tap or spring water in just 15 seconds.

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