Gardens offer us safe spaces to escape into to connect with nature. We take a look at some garden landscaping ideas to upgrade your space.

5 Gorgeous Garden Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Spending a mere two hours a week outside in a natural environment vastly improves your health and wellbeing according to a recent survey. With your busy life, you may not have time to head out into nature every week.

Turning your backyard into a beautiful natural environment can help you enjoy nature from the comfort of your home. With the right garden landscaping ideas, you can transform your backyard into a wondrous natural Shangri-La. 

Check out these five gorgeous garden landscaping ideas to inspire your outdoor design tendencies. Soon you will be relaxing in your oasis of nature.

1. A Garden Pergola

A garden pergola can revolutionize the ambiance of your outdoor space. To create yours check This pleasing garden feature can provide shade or act as a structure to grow plants on. 

Place your pergola over a picnic area or walkway to enhance your space and provide additional shade. You can use a pergola in conjunction with vegetation to make a green tunnel for a truly biophilic design.

2. Garden Water Features

A garden water feature provides you with both visual and auditory tranquility. Things such as waterfalls, ponds, pools, and fountains can all enhance the allure of your garden space.

You can get very advanced with your water features by running them off a pump system. Another option is to go all-natural and let gravity do the work for you by establishing a gravity feed.

3. A Privacy Fence

Having some privacy nowadays can be hard to come by. You need to make your beautiful garden your private sanctuary. Don’t let the prying eyes of neighbors or the street ruin your garden’s atmosphere.

Make a tasteful privacy fence that hides your garden from the common view and increases its aesthetics at the same time. The following are some good ideas.

Classic Wood Picket Privacy Fence

The classic picket fence can give your garden that nice homey feeling. You can keep the natural wood color or stain it to your preference. You also may want to consider painting it white if this is the stylistic element you prefer.

Skeleton Fence With Vegetation Overlay

You can set up a frame made of metal or other durable material and grow vines or other vegetation around it. This will give you more of a fence centered on the features of biophilic design.

Hedge Wall

Another great all-natural option for your garden’s privacy fence is to plant some hedges. Hedges can grow tall enough to obscure any view into your garden and still maintain their natural ambiance.


Sunflowers are another great all-natural option for your privacy fence. With little effort, you can plant a row of sunflowers around your garden and they will grow over your head.

Make sure to take into account seasonal variations in your climate. In the winter months, the sunflowers may die and you will lose any privacy they provide.

4. Stone Based Garden Landscaping Ideas

There are tons of ways you can use stone around your garden to make it more beautiful and functional. From gravel to solid rock, stone features encompass a vast array of materials. Here are some ideas that you can use in your garden.

Stone or Gravel Walkways

Stone or gravel walkways can provide functional paths to utilize. Walkways lead to healthy vegetation as people will stick to the path instead of walking on your grass.

They can also be a great design feature and make the artistic nature of your garden more pronounced. Try adding some lights along your walkways for additional nighttime ambiance and functionality.

Zen Garden

A zen garden with gravel or crushed stone can be a great place to relax and meditate. You can rake ornate patterns into the gravel as part of your daily routine. You can also incorporate other stone features such as cairns.


Stone patios are excellent for entertaining guests, barbecuing on, or tanning. Your patio space will complement the natural vegetation features in your garden if you build it right.

Stone Walls

Stone walls can delineate areas of your garden from one another. They can also be used as retaining walls in a more functional sense. Put stone walls around areas that you want people to notice, or keep out of. 

5. Botanical Features

The whole point of having a garden is to have some beautiful or intriguing plants. Here are some examples of botanical features that will make your garden a unique outdoor paradise.

Edible Plants

Having an edible garden is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your outdoor space. Try planting a vegetable garden, it will feed you and give you something to take care of.

Trees such as lemon trees, fig trees, or apple trees can be a great centerpiece for your garden and provide you food at the same time. Get some trees that grow a few of your favorite fruits and you won’t be disappointed.

Medicinal Plants

Plants such as aloe vera can provide you with a charming plant feature that also has medicinal uses. Scatter some tasteful medicinal plants around your garden for a functional aesthetic effect.


Ornate flowers can be the main visual attraction in your garden. Choose a couple of your favorite varieties and plant them around at tasteful junctions in your garden space.

Indigenous Plants

Using some indigenous plants for garden features is one of your most affordable and easy options. For instance, if you live in a desert area think about establishing some xeric vegetative features.

Create Your Natural Sanctuary

You need a beautiful garden in your life. Make your special outdoor space a place you can hide away from the stresses of the world. With the right garden landscaping ideas, you too can create a personal paradise.

Take the five garden landscaping ideas in this guide into account when planning your ideal outdoor space. Staying informed about other great topics is as easy as checking back with our site so make sure to do so often.

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