Are you thinking about buying a new ceiling fan but aren't sure what to look for? This is what you should consider when making your purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a New Ceiling Fan

Do you want to make your home more comfortable while also improving its energy efficiency in the process? Then you should consider installing a ceiling fan in just about every room throughout your house.

A new ceiling fan will help to keep the air circulating inside of a room and inside of your house as a whole. It’ll also cut down on how often you have to fire up your HVAC system throughout the course of the year.

Before buying a fan for your house, though, you’re going to want to try and pick out the best ceiling fan money can buy. And this can be somewhat challenging to do once you see just how many ceiling fans are available at this point in time.

Need some help choosing the right ceiling fan? We’ve got a list of factors that you should consider when you’re in the market for one. Take a look at them below.


The ceiling fan market is worth billions of dollars right now. As a result, there are lots of different brands getting in on the action and manufacturing their own ceiling fans.

You’re going to have to work your way through all these brands and learn as much as you can about each of them. This will help you decide which brand you should trust to supply you with a new ceiling fan.

Ideally, you want to purchase a new ceiling fan from a brand like Minka Aire. A fan from a brand like this is going to look great, work well, and prove to be worth the money that you paid for it.

Whatever you do, don’t trust some no-name company to set you up with a new ceiling fan. That’s a surefire way to ensure that you won’t be able to get your hands on the best ceiling fan in the end.


In addition to there being a bunch of brands that specialize in producing ceiling fans these days, there are also many different styles to choose from when you’re shopping around for a ceiling fan. You’re going to want to educate yourself on the various ceiling fan styles prior to shopping around for them so that you don’t get too overwhelmed by all of them.

Some of the most popular ceiling fan styles include:

  • Standard ceiling fans
  • Dual motor ceiling fans
  • Low profile ceiling fans
  • Remote control ceiling fans
  • Energy Star ceiling fans

Most people prefer to go with standard ceiling fans. But you don’t have to go in that direction if you don’t want to. You can also consider the other ceiling fan styles that are out there and go with one of them.


One thing that you’re inevitably going to notice when you’re shopping for ceiling fans is that they’re typically made up of all kinds of different materials. This can make it even harder for you to narrow down your options and select just one ceiling fan.

A few of the materials that you’ll commonly find in ceiling fans are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

But some ceiling fan manufacturers are also starting to push the envelope and use more exotic metals like nickel alloys in their fans. You might want to think about going with a fan like this to set it apart from the pack.


When you know that you’re going to be buying a ceiling fan sometime soon, you should do your best to come up with a budget for it. Otherwise, you might end up spending way more than you may have planned to on a new ceiling fan for your home.

There are some ceiling fans that you can buy for as little as just $20. But believe it or not, there are also other ceiling fans that will run you well over $2,000. There is obviously going to be a big difference between these two options!

By creating a budget for a ceiling fan, you’ll be able to knock a lot of your options off the board right away. It’ll make it easier for you to hone in on the ceiling fans that are going to fit into your price range without a problem.


If you’re only forking over $20 for a ceiling fan, you might not be too concerned about the warranty on it. At the first sign of trouble with it, you can simply replace it with a new fan.

But if you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a ceiling fan, you want for it to have a good warranty on it. It might save you from having to pay for expensive repairs down the line.

Don’t be afraid to compare the warranties that are offered on different ceiling fans. Search for extended warranties that will keep you protected for years to come.


Do you plan on putting a new ceiling fan into place on your own? If so, then you’re going to need to figure out how easy different ceiling fans will be to install.

Do some research on the ceiling fans that you’re most interested in and see what it’s going to take you to install them. If the process seems too complicated for some fans, you might want to cross them off your list and consider going with a fan that’s much simpler to install instead.

Buying a New Ceiling Fan Will Be Easy When You Consider These Factors

With so many ceiling fans to pick from nowadays, it can be more difficult to do it than you might think. But you can make shopping for a ceiling fan a breeze by considering each of the things that we talked about today.

You should keep them in the back of your mind when you’re searching for the best ceiling fan money can buy. You should also remember them when you’re trying to find other home appliances.

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