What do you know about strategic communications? Read this brief overview to learn about how strategic communications are essential in lobbying.

What is the Role of Strategic Communications in Lobbying?

Lobbying is responsible for so many things in our lives, because they are involved in government policies. The pharmaceutical industry along has spent about $5 billion over the past few decades. 

This is an industry that consists of people who communicate with policymakers to help influence them and the way that they vote and make laws. Lobbying firms are strategic about how they communicate in order to get their messages across. 

Here are some things that you should know about strategic communications and how they affect the lobbying industry. 

It Helps to Inform and Entice Decision Makers

Strategic communication is critical because firms need to be persuasive. This dictates their ability to convince decision makers. Using the right words and tone, and having the correct information will help entice decision makers to see the firm’s point of view.

This shapes US policy, since the US government is often polar opposite politically. Firms need to be able to sell policymakers on the importance of seeing the point of view, and why it is worth the time and monetary investment.

Lobbying Firms Shape Business Strategy

US policy also informs how business is conducted. Everything from tax rates to public sentiment shapes how businesses are able to move and operate. 

These changes dictate different ebbs and flows in business. It also shapes the ground rules that are laid for businesses to compete within. Because of these ramifications, lobbying firms have a lot of skin in the game when it comes to convincing policymakers. 

They Influence Public Opinion

Lobbyists don’t just shape the opinions of policymakers, they also shape public opinion and sentiment. Lobbying firms spend a lot of money on commercials, brochures, and entire marketing campaigns.

This helps to convince the public about everything from the jobs act to clean energy initiatives. Public opinion dictates how consumers spend money. It also shapes whether they trust certain industries or companies.

Public relations is important to every industry. This is why companies create a strategic communications plan.

It Affects the Different Types of Lobbying

It is also important to recognize that lobbyists communicate in so many different ways. Some ways they communicate include face to face meetings, paid advertisements, and presentations. They also hold public meetings, conferences, and seminars.

Each agency has their own specialties and areas that they focus on when trying to get their points across. It will also depend on the nature of the industry, and the policymaker or organization they’re trying to convince.

This site will help you learn more about the importance of communications in lobbying:


Understand Strategic Communications

Strategic communications are the bread and butter of the lobbying industry. Learning about how these firms communicate will teach you a lot about how government business is done as a whole. 

The government is a lot like an organism. Every part plays a role in its outcomes and outputs. Bookmark our website so that we can teach you more about government and how policy is shaped. 

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