What Can and Can't You Bring To an Addiction Recovery Center

What Can and Can’t You Bring To an Addiction Recovery Center

When you enter a rehab facility, you also enter a new world with many rules to follow and boundaries to respect. As an inpatient, you must give up many personal freedoms and accept limitations on what you can bring to the center.

Even though it might seem like an inconvenient limitation, this is done for good reason – having these restrictions in place ensures that everyone remains focused on their treatment rather than distracted. This article will explain what you can and cannot bring when checking into an addiction recovery center. So read on to learn more.

What You Can Bring to an Addiction Recovery Center

Most items on this list are general items you usually carry when traveling.

●     Comfortable Clothing

You will spend many hours daily in therapy, group sessions, and other program activities. You will also likely spend time outdoors, either for group activities or enjoying the nearby scenery. Therefore, you will want to bring casual, comfortable clothing with you to wear throughout the day.

●      Personal Care Items And Money

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are generally allowed. It is a good idea to keep a small amount of cash with you at all times, just in case of an emergency. You may need some money to pay for items not included in your stay.

●     Prescribed Medication

Many people in addiction recovery are taking prescribed medication to help with physical symptoms or mental health issues caused by substance abuse. For authenticity, make sure they are still in the original bottles.

●     Personal Insurance, ID, and Contact Information

You should always have these on you in case of an emergency. It is also an excellent idea to let someone know that you have entered rehab and where you are staying, so they can check in on you while you are away.

What You Cannot Bring to an Addiction Recovery Center

For safety reasons, most rehab centers prohibit residents from bringing certain items onto the premises. Below are some items that are generally not allowed inside a rehab center.

●     Food and Beverages

It is prohibited to bring food or beverages into drug rehab centers because you can incorporate so many drugs and alcohol into them. Most addiction recovery centers provide you with all the nutritional food and drinks you need during your stay.

●     Electronic Devices

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices may be helpful at times, but they can also be a source of anxiety and stress for people in recovery. Therefore, most rehab centers have strict rules against bringing these items onto the premises. If you plan on bringing a phone with you to the center, most facilities will ask you to use it under supervision and that you leave it in a safe when not in use.

●     Revealing Clothing

Revealing clothing is not allowed at an addiction recovery center because it can be a distraction to other people and can be a trigger for them. Also, there can be no vulgar or provocative content, and no evidence of drugs or alcohol should be visible on it.


You must give up many belongings and freedoms when entering a rehab center. This is done for safety reasons and to help you focus on your recovery. Clarify what you can and cannot bring into the addiction recovery center, so you can leave all distractions behind and concentrate fully on your treatment.

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