Did you know that not all cannabis strains are grown and harvested equally these days? Here are the many different types of marijuana strains that exist today.

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Strains That Exist Today?

A decade ago, few people could have predicted the astonishing success of the American marijuana industry. However, an unprecedented wave of legalization has made marijuana products more accessible than ever.

By all estimates, a record number of Americans were smoking cannabis in 2022, with the number predicted to rise further still in the years ahead.

If you’re one of the countless Americans looking to try marijuana for the first time, you might need some pointers. First off, this means knowing the different types of marijuana strains out there, and how they affect you.

For this, we have got you covered.


Probably the most widely-consumed strain in America, Indica is widely thought of as the more “relaxing” strain. Indica is native to the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, and is widely cultivated by legal growers in the US.

The strain typically has a higher CBD to THC ratio, which translates to a more mellow high. It is usually sought-after in medical contexts to relieve nausea and chronic pain, increase appetite, and reduce anxiety.

The most popular strains of indica in the cannabis industry are Granddaddy Purple, Afghan Kush, and Hindu Kush.


Sativa is one of the most popular types of cannabis for producing a so-called “mind high”. Sativa is traditionally cultivated around the world and is native to Southeast Asia, Central America, and the African continent.

It is characterized by a higher THC to CBD ratio, which means that it tends to produce a more intense, energizing effect.

Sativa is often used for stimulation since the “mind high” that it produced can spur creativity and increased energy levels. In the US, popular strains such as Panama Red and Acapulco Gold are derived from sativa.


Ruderalis is a somewhat niche strain that is rapidly gaining popularity in the US market. It is an incredibly hardy plant, native to extreme environments such as the Siberian steppe and the Indian Himalayas.

They grow very quickly and do not need much sunlight, which makes them ideal for professional companies that are harvesting marijuana.

The plant has very small amounts of THC and a lot of CBD, which means it is very unlikely to get you “high” when consumed. It is not used recreationally but is thought to have calming and pain-relief effects. 

Hybrid Types of Cannabis Strains

Hybrid strains combine the elements of the above strains to produce an entirely new plant. They are nearly always grown in professional, agricultural-grade conditions.

If you are looking for a reputable dispensary near me, you are likely to encounter hugely popular hybrid strains such as Kood-Aid, Guava 2.0, and Golden Hour.

Hybrid strains allow growers to combine the best elements of different plants to produce a specific type of high. With hybrid marijuana, you can find the perfect plant for your needs. 

Types of Marijuana Strains: Tomorrow’s Trends, Today

The vast US weed market might seem daunting to newcomers. After all, there are countless types of marijuana strains produced by combining and re-combining these same three plants.

However, as long as you know what kind of experience you want, your dispensary can find the right plant for you.

For more practical tips on tomorrow’s trends, today, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our Tech pages to stay one step ahead of the trends that will impact you.

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