There are several types of cigars that you have to choose from. Learn more about your options by checking out this beginner's guide.

What Are the Different Types of Cigars?

Cigars are a luxury that the discerning smoker has enjoyed since at least the 10th century.

There’s no better feeling than the calming ritual of sitting back and smoking a cigar. Look no further than greats such as John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and Mark Twain to see that cigars are a choice item of refined taste.

With so many types of cigars on the market, it can be challenging for a first-timer to know where to start when buying a cigar. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. 

Read on to learn more about the different kinds of cigars available today.

What Makes a Quality Cigar?

Understanding the long, intricate history of cigars and cigar smoking can be daunting.

The sheer amount of knowledge involved in learning about cigars is complicated, with dozens of distinct names for the different types of wrappers, fillers, sizes, and shapes. So, how do you know what constitutes the best cigar for you?


The type of wrapper your cigar has affects the smoke’s flavor, burn time, and accent. The wrapper of a cigar is a whole dried cigar leaf and can have a completely different, complementary taste to filler tobacco.

Some cigar wrappers are fermented for extra complexity of flavor. The wrapper is the primary source of flavor in your cigar.

Claro and Candela leaves are perfect for smokers looking for a smooth approachable taste. On the other hand, Oscuro and Habano leaves lend deep, robust, and spicy tones to a quality cigar.


The filler is the tobacco inside your cigar. When buying a cigar, you should choose the suitable tobacco filler for your pallet, mood, and occasion.

Light to medium filler lends a sweet note to your smoke, perfect for enjoying with your breakfast. More robust filler can be ideal for long, lazy evening sessions.

If the wrapper is the accent to the flavor of your cigar, the filler is the foundation. Keeping different strength cigars is a great way to have an appropriate smoke no matter the occasion. CAO cigars stock a wide range of cigars with various strength levels.

Types Of Cigars

Now that we know what makes up a quality cigar, it’s time to look at popular cigars’ different shapes and sizes. Whatever your personal tastes, there’s a size and style of cigar out there for you.

Finding the right cigar options for your personal taste will inform your whole smoking experience. 


Robusto cigars are the most popular in the United States today, and for a good reason.

The Robusto is ideal for everyday usage, with a length of 4.5 to 5.5 inches and a ring gauge of 48 to 52. Its medium size allows for a burn length of 45 minutes to an hour, making it great for times you want to indulge but don’t have time for a drawn-out smoking session.

Robusto cigars are a good choice for new or casual smokers since they provide an opportunity to sample a delicate taste combination at a reasonable price.


Lanceros cigars, also called Panetela in Europe, are 7 inches long and have a ring gauge of 38.

Lanceros, classified as big cigars, have an exceptional depth and mood to their flavor.

This is a cigar for any occasion since it is both visually appealing and unquestionably smooth.


The Corona cigar is another popular option.

It is 5.25 to 6 inches long and has a ring gauge of 42 to 44. Coronas, categorized as little cigars, are some of the finest cigars to smoke while relaxing at home. Their deep and complex flavor more than compensates for their manageable size.

Double Coronas are also available if you’re looking for a more leisurely smoke.


The Churchill, named after former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, is 7 inches long and has a ring gauge of 47.

Churchill cigars are as robust as their namesake. Revered for its extended burn duration and exquisite palate, a Churchill cigar is a must for any cigar enthusiast.

One of the most well-known cigars, Churchills are best appreciated as an evening indulgence, with a traditional flavor that progresses to a powerful and savory finish.


The Presidente is a giant cigar that may be up to 10 inches long and comes in various ring sizes.

The Presidente cigar is a remarkable and exquisite cigar suitable for all-day fishing adventures and other expeditions. Connoisseurs should expect a broad spectrum of complementing tastes from the Presidente, which has a burn period of more than 90 minutes.

This is a cigar that you must try at least once.


The Torro cigar is one of the best cigars for an enthusiastic smoker today. Measuring up at 6 inches long and sporting a 50 plus ring gauge, the Toro is a cigar you can sink your teeth into.

With a progressive and intense flavor, a Toro cigar can take you on a nuanced journey as it matures.

Enjoy the medium body and intense draw of a Toro cigar today.

The Best Types of Cigars Explained

So, that’s the rundown on the different types of cigars available today.

Smoking cigars is a refined and enjoyable experience, not to mention an excellent way to mark an occasion. With our helpful cigar guide, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your next smoking session.

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