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What Are the Different Types of Addiction?

Addiction is a concept that’s captured the public imagination with shows like My Strange Addiction and intervention shows. While we enjoy that entertainment, addictions are horrific experiences for addicts and those close to them. 

Knowing common types of addiction is the first step to recognizing whether you or someone you know needs help. Experts separate addictions into two basic types: chemical and behavioral addictions. 

Get in the know with this quick article on the basics.

Chemical and Substance Abuse Types of Addiction

Chemical addictions are also known as substance abuse. It often starts when people face difficult life circumstances.

The famous Rat Park experiments shone light on how desperation leads to substance abuse. While the studies used lab rats, basic observation of people with addictions shows that the study reflects human behavior, too.

When circumstances are trying enough or the user has a physiological tendency towards addiction, it’s easy for coping mechanisms to spin out of control.

Check out this list of a few different types of addiction to substances:

Addiction to Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is the most common type of substance abuse. It kills thousands of people in the United States every year, and many more in the rest of the world. 

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine addictions pollute lungs, ruin teeth, cause heart attacks, and more. Addictions to tobacco products often lead to early deaths.

“Big Tobacco” encourages nicotine addiction while the US government warns against it with shock ads and disclaimers. They haven’t outright banned the substance because it provides too much tax money.

Heroin and Other Opioid Addictions 

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the opioid epidemic. Overdoses and withdrawals kill thousands of people addicted to opioids every year.

Harm reduction strategies like clean needle handouts and treatment centers to help users wane usage are key to ending the issue.

Behavioral Types of Addiction

Behavioral addictions are the other basic category of addictions. In this case, there’s no physiological addiction.

Some people don’t recognize behavioral addictions in people they know and try to force them to stop. It’s not that easy. Instead, learn some info on addiction treatment.

Here are some basic behavioral addictions:

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions have been around since the hobby began. The thrilling risks and possibility of winning capture bettors, and they keep playing, ignoring their responsibilities and losing all their money.

Addiction to Gaming

Addiction to video games rips people away from their jobs and social lives. It can harm health when addicted gamers do things like staying up all night, eating and drinking very little, and not using the restroom.

Cannabis Addiction (According to Some)

Cannabis sits in a gray area between the two main kinds of addiction.

Some experts argue that cannabis addiction is a chemical addiction because it is a drug. Yet, others insist that the drug isn’t physiologically addictive. They say it’s a behavioral addiction to the habit of using and the feeling of being stoned.

Learn the Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

This information on common types of addiction will help you recognize when you or people you know need help.

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