Turn your storage shed into a he shed or she shed with a few simple design changes. Find out how to easily transform your storage shed into living space.

Transform Your Storage Shed Into Living Space

Do you have a storage shed that’s just taking up space on your property? You never use it for actual storage, and the few things that are in there would easily fit in your garage, right?

Why not transform it into something useful?

You can create a prime living space in that tiny storage shed. Sure, you might not have a full home in there, but you can create a comfortable and cozy place for yourself or guests to spend time.

How do you get started? Keep reading to learn all about what you should do if you want to create a living space from your storage shed.

What Kind of Living Space Do You Want?

Before you put on your hard hat and start gathering equipment, make sure that you know what you plan on doing with your storage shed. You need to make a game plan.

“Living space” is a broad term.

In-Law Suite

Are you considering a detached mother in law suite? This is a common choice for families who want to keep older loved ones nearby without having them live in their actual homes. It’s great for the in-laws and grandchildren alike.

An in-law apartment doesn’t have to be as fleshed-out as a house. As long as it has basic necessities, such as a restroom and a sleeping area, it’s often enough because the elderly loved one can come into the actual home for other tasks.

Guest House

Do you want to build a guest house? If you plan on running an Airbnb or you often have guests coming over (or you have adult children who visit from time to time), a guest house is a perfect use for a storage shed.

A guest house should have most of the amenities of a real house if you plan on using it as an Airbnb. Consider it as a tiny house.

It should have adequate plumbing, an area to cook food (even if it’s dorm-style with a small refrigerator and hotplates), a sitting area, and a place to sleep.

Guesthouses can also function as in-law apartments.

Individual Room

What if you want a living space that’s just for your household? There’s no reason that you can’t use your storage shed as an individual extra room instead of a guest area.

But what can go in there?

If you have a child who wants to be independent but isn’t yet ready to move out on their own, consider turning the storage shed into their very own bedroom.

You can also use the storage shed as a rec room, a game room, or even a room for adults to get away from the home for some peace and quiet.

Have you always wanted a personal bar? An upgraded storage shed is the perfect place to set one up.

Renovating and Repairing The Storage Shed

Now that you know what you’re doing with your storage shed, what do you have to do to make it a livable space?

If you have a modern storage shed, you may not have to bother with insulation. Most storage sheds, however, will require basic insulation to keep them comfortable.

Have a professional install some windows in your storage shed to bring some light in and make it more comfortable. You should also include a window unit air conditioner and a space heater if you aren’t ready to install central heat and air.

You can cover the floors and windows with peel-and-stick wallpaper and tiles for a quick and easy upgrade.

You’ll also need to wire the shed with electricity and (if you’re using it as a guest house or in-law suite), make sure that it has plumbing.

Furnishing Your Storage Shed

After your shed is liveable, it’s time to furnish it so it looks like an actual living space.

If you’re using your storage shed as a bar, guest house, or in-law apartment, you’re going to need basic amenities like a cooking area and a mini-refrigerator, a cooking area, and a kitchen sink.

For the guest house and suite (or the individual bedroom), you’re going to need a bed and some storage spaces for clothing. You may also want a table and seats to create a more “homey” environment.

Again, your furnishings are going to depend on what you’re doing with your space. You’re going to have to keep it relatively simple if you’re trying to save time and money.

Making the Living Space Look Larger

Storage sheds are often tiny. While you could add an addition to your storage shed, this is expensive, and it might not be the best option for most small properties.

That said, you can make a space look larger without having to add more space to it.

Start by incorporating a lot of light. Use bright colors on the walls and add mirrors to bounce light around and create an optical illusion. Warm and dark colors might seem cozier, but they’re going to make the space look smaller.

Separate the shed into areas by using curtain dividers or rugs. This creates the appearance of separate “rooms” even within one room. It’s like a studio apartment.

When you choose your furniture, make sure that you’re choosing sleek and multi-use options. For example, ottomans should also be storage boxes. Futons or daybeds are both couches and sleeping spaces.

Utilize vertical space by using wall shelves instead of floor shelves.

Transform Your Storage Shed Into a Fun Living Space

Creating a living space from your storage shed isn’t exactly an easy weekend activity, but it’s a fun project for anyone who doesn’t mind putting a bit of time and effort in.

Your unused storage shed can turn into an in-law suite, a guest home, a rec room, or anything else that you can imagine. It’s time to start planning!

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