The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Corner Kitchen Cabinets

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner cabinets are some of the most challenging kitchen storage spaces to keep organized. But with the right solutions, these nooks can be transformed into efficient, easy-to-access areas for storing cookware, dishes, and other essentials.

To accomplish this, it’s essential to assess the space, clear out and clean the cabinet, add pull-out solutions, utilize lazy Susans, and add baskets and bins.

Assess the Space

Transform your corner kitchen cabinets into functional and efficient storage spaces by assessing the space, clearing out and cleaning, measuring and adjusting shelves, adding vertical dividers, utilizing lazy Susans, incorporating pull-out solutions, installing hooks and racks, and strategically arranging and organizing items.

Remember that corner kitchen cabinets are often used for larger, bulkier items such as large pots, pans, or a dishwasher. So, it’s essential to label the items stored in these cabinets so they can be easily found when needed.

Utilize Lazy Susans

Transform your upper corner cabinets into an efficient storage area with clever organizing solutions, including pull-out shelves and lazy Susans. Installing hooks and racks is one of the excellent corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

Vertical dividers are excellent for storing cutting boards, baking sheets, and serving trays in your upper corner cabinets. These dividers create designated slots for each item, which prevent them from stacking and making it difficult to find the one you need.

Clear Out and Clean

If your cabinets are packed to the brim, remove everything and clean them well. This will help you gain a clear understanding of your cabinet space and the items that are stored within it.

Lower corner cabinets are a great place to store bulkier appliances like your slow cooker, blender, and popcorn maker. They can also be used to store garbage and recycling. Installing a wooden lazy Susan is an easy way to add additional storage to the lower part of your cabinet.

Measure and Adjust the Shelves

Many homeowners need help to utilize their corner cabinets properly. These storage spaces tend to be hollow and inaccessible, resulting in items needing to be found.

To maximize storage space, measure the height of your tallest items to determine how much clearance you need between shelves. Then, adjust the shelves as needed to optimize accessibility.

Lazy Susans or turntables are also a great way to improve storage. These handy storage solutions eliminate the need to reach or dig through contents. They’re perfect for storing spices, oil bottles, and other small kitchen supplies.

Maximize Storage with Vertical Dividers

Corner cabinets are a great way to store items without wasting precious floor space. However, they can sometimes be difficult to access, especially the back “blind” corner.

Thankfully, there are many options to help solve this issue. For example, Glid-around shelves are a simple solution that can help you keep everything within reach. Alternatively, you can install a lazy Susan designed to fit your cabinet. This rotating storage option is ideal for storing dry goods and canisters.

Add Pull-Out Solutions

A shared kitchen storage solution is to install a lazy Susan, which is an effective way to make it easier to access items in the back corners of your cabinet. Various options are available, including pull-out trays and sliding baskets.

For lower corner cabinets, you can also cut cereal boxes to create a makeshift lazy Susan for items like aluminum foil and plastic wrap. These can be a great place to store less frequently used items that would otherwise get lost in the back of your cabinet.

Install Hooks and Racks

In many corner cabinets, there is a dead space in the back of the cabinet where two perpendicular cabinetry lines meet. This area can be challenging to access and can hold rarely used items.

Installing hooks in your cabinet doors can be a great place to store things like pots and pans, kitchen towels, and even aprons. You can also use vertical dividers to keep things separate and organized, making it easier to grab what you need.

Arrange and Organize Your Items

It’s essential to take the time to assess and clean your corner kitchen cabinets before organizing them. This will provide a fresh canvas and ensure you use your space’s best possible storage solutions.

After clearing out and cleaning your cabinet, you can implement storage solutions. By following these tips, you can transform your corner cabinets into a functional and organized storage area that is easy to access.

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