Health is a packed topic brimming with information. Learn which topics and health facts slipped through the cracks while you were in school!

The More You Know: Health Facts You Never Learned in School

Health classes have been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Even though health education has a long history, some topics still get overlooked. 

These days, health class covers basic details on subjects like alcohol, nutrition, and reproduction. Although this is a good start, many important mental health facts have fallen by the wayside. 

Our list looks at some of the most interesting and helpful health facts you never knew you needed to know! 

Chewing Gum Helps With Your Focus

Gum is more than a breath saver. It can help you keep you more alert if you’re feeling tired.

When you chew gum, your brain associates the movement with the reward of eating, making you more alert. Gum also provides a small dose of sugar, giving you a little increase in energy. 

You Can Inherit Procrastination 

Are you someone who takes forever to start a task? If so, you have your parents to blame.

Procrastination is a genetic trait that is passed from parent to offspring. The genes that cause procrastination are the same ones responsible for impulsivity.

Photographs Impact Your Memory 

Do you find yourself constantly on your phone to capture pictures of what you are doing? Although you think you’re saving memories, you’re actually doing the opposite. 

When you take pictures of a moment, your brain has difficulty remembering the details yourself. Put away the phone and enjoy the moments firsthand instead. Read about more anti-aging health tips on

Food Can Help Your Mood 

These next fun health facts involve food. Your breakfast can have a positive impact on your mental health. 

The brains of depressed people lack serotonin. You can combat the lack of this chemical with others found in breakfast food. 

Oatmeal and eggs contain tryptophan, which has mood-regulating properties. A cup of coffee also helps fight off depression too. Finally, adding a banana to your breakfast will give you a dopamine boost and make you happier. 

Gratitude Can Make You Happier 

Saying thank you is more than just being polite. It can increase your mood and make you happier. 

When you express thankfulness, you see the good things in life. This is a key attribute when it comes to overcoming depression. 

Exercise Can Help Your Energy 

At the end of a long day, the last thing on your mind will be going to the gym. Even though you don’t want to lace up your sneakers, doing so can help you fatigue. 

Exercise increases the amount of blood and oxygen flowing through your body. This increased flow helps your body feel more awake.

Handwriting Improves Memory 

Next time you need to remember something, take notes by hand instead of using a computer. As you write notes, your brain summarizes the information to help it stay in your memory. This is one of the best teen health facts to know if you’re trying to prepare for a test. 

Little Known Health Facts Make You More Health Conscious

With so much health research happening every day, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest information. Knowing some of these interesting health facts can help you stay at the top of your health game. 

Did you find our article helpful? If so, there is more where it came from! Take a look at our other health blogs today! 

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